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Riverdale: How Many Episodes Are There In Total?

Few shows have gone through as many permutations as "Riverdale" has. Over the course of the show's seven seasons, it went from being a dark and moody murder mystery to a superhero story and even got into time travel as the series went on. While that might sound pretty out there, ardent fans of the source material — the "Archie" comics — will tell you that things are just as wacky on the page.

Either way, with the series wrapped up at last, viewers who have been considering sitting down with the popular show couldn't pick a better time than now. However, considering how many seasons of "Riverdale" have different episode counts over the course of the series, it's not necessarily easy to figure out how many hours the show will take to complete.

If you're thinking of taking the plunge on the popular series, though, you'll definitely want to know that "Riverdale" consists of 137 episodes. However, if you're just showing up for the murder mystery and high school drama aspects, you can tune out after the first two seasons with a much smaller episode count of only 35.

To say things get weird in Riverdale is an understatement

Still, if you want the full, unfiltered "Riverdale" experience, meaning you want to see just how weird things get in the series, you've got to go along for the whole wild ride. From prison fight clubs to characters with ominous names like The Gargoyle King and The Black Hood, things only get stranger in this show once you hit Season 3.

For the series' defenders, though, despite its many plot holes, that's what makes "Riverdale" so special. With its constant tonal shifts and anything-goes storytelling, there was nothing like the CW show on TV before, and may never be again. For some viewers, that kind of brazen writing and the series penchant for bringing the most bizarre plotlines of "Archie" to life is part of the show's charm. So, if you're wondering what it looks like when a teen drama version of "Twin Peaks" begins to turn into "Heroes" or "The X Files," then you've got a lot of hours of entertainment ahead of you, up to and including the ending of Season 7