The Boys: Which Buffy The Vampire Slayer Star Wants To Join The Series?

Few shows are able to meld the comedic with the dramatic in the way that "The Boys" does. This should come as no surprise being that it is overseen by Eric Kripke, the writer behind "Supernatural," a show that walked the same deft line between gut-busting laughter and emotional devastation.

Meanwhile, Kripke has also expressed his admiration for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," so it bears out that his quip-heavy yet brutal world hails partly from the influence of that series as well. It makes a lot of sense, then, that a former star from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" is interested in joining the world of "The Boys."

Cordelia Chase actor Charisma Carpenter, who has previously guest-starred on "Supernatural," has expressed interest in joining Kripke's latest show as well. When a Season 4 announcement for "The Boys" was made, the actor retweeted it, saying, "Weird, I'm not mentioned at all," with the rolling on the floor laughing emoji.

This could be more than just a Twitter joke

While this could easily come across as just an offhand comment or a quick joke, Charisma Carpenter is not the only Buffyverse actor to have shown up on "Supernatural." Amy Acker, Julie Benz, Christian Kane, and James Marsters have also cameoed on the show, a fact that helps open the door to a Buffyverse actor having a cameo on "The Boys."

To lend even more credence to the prospect, Carpenter also tweeted photos featuring her posing with three different cast members from "The Boys." These were accompanied by the caption, "I feel like I fit in. Is it just me?! Freaking love this show." Though that's far from an official confirmation that she's joining the series, even as a guest star, it does add a bit more credibility to the notion.

Ultimately, whether the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" alumna will get her chance to join the world of "The Boys" or not is up to the crew behind the Amazon Prime series, but it sounds like she'd snap up a role in a heartbeat were Kripke and co. to offer her one.