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Elijah Wood's Favorite Lord Of The Rings Movie May Not Be The One You Expect

Few trilogies can live up to the high benchmark set by "The Lord of the Rings." A series where all three films were nominated for the Academy Award for best picture, the adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy masterwork is a legendary tale of action, adventure, and friendship that is beloved to this day by fans whether they prefer the theatrical or extended versions.

Though "The Lord of the Rings" follows many characters with roles large and small, the main focus of the story is Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood), who goes through plenty of turmoil in his quest to destroy the One Ring. The plot gets more exciting as the series progresses, but Wood himself prefers the start of the adventure over its more action-packed successors.

The actor told "ReelBlend" that two decades later, his favorite "Lord of the Rings" film is the first, "The Fellowship of the Ring." "There is something really magical about 'The Fellowship of the Ring' that is so beautiful, and I think, yeah, remains to be my favorite of the three films," Wood said.

The actor also went into the fellowship itself, which was such a major part of the first film. "The feeling of shooting 'Fellowship' was always extraordinary because of that group dynamic," he said. "Specifically for me, it was getting to spend time with the four Hobbits as a unit, which was so lovely, and we all were so close."

Things weren't the same after the fellowship was broken

Though from a critical standpoint, "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" is the lowest-rated of the original trilogy, many fans appreciate the sweeping journey of the first film, home to iconic scenes like the group's trek through the Mines of Moria and a fiery battle with some Ringwraiths on Weathertop. Plus, the highs more than make up for its slower pace as it sets up the characters and the setting of Middle-earth.

As for Elijah Wood, he appreciates the simplicity of the first "Lord of the Rings" film. "There is something about that fellowship, the connection that they share, the cohesion of that journey, the start of that journey that then splinters off and becomes so many different things from 'The Two Towers' on," he explained.

Regardless of each individual fan's personal favorite, "The Lord of the Rings" remains an absolutely timeless story. Exciting, emotional, and filled with memorable moments, there's a reason why the trilogy is often said to encompass the best fantasy films of all time.