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My 600-Lb Life: What Tara Taylor Has Been Up To Since Her Appearance

In February 2014, "My 600-lb Life" viewers were introduced to Tara Taylor, a single mom struggling to care for her two children because of her weight. She explains in the episode that she got to be 606 pounds after a lifetime of overeating, which only increased after being sexually assaulted at 26 — Taylor believed that if she made herself unattractive, she'd be safe.

Taylor is quickly approved by Dr. Younan Nowzaradan to undergo gastric bypass surgery. Following a few difficult months, she finds motivation and loses almost half her weight. By the end of her Season 1 "My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?" episode, Taylor weighs 299 pounds, is able to spend quality time with her children, and is dating Eugene, a friend of 14 years.

Regarding her wellness journey, there hasn't been much of an update on Taylor since her "Where Are They Now?" episode in 2015. While she posts regular selfies on her Facebook page, they're always from the neck up. On the show, Taylor doesn't seem concerned about losing more weight or, eventually, undergoing skin removal surgery. Dr. Now's target weight for her is 250 pounds, but at 299, she's able to do everything she's always dreamed of: be there for her children, help her mother around the house, and get back into the dating scene. Therefore, it's possible she's already reached a weight loss goal that suits her.

Tara Taylor is single and focusing on her children

On "My 600-lb Life," Tara Taylor makes it abundantly clear how much her two kids mean to her. Nearly a decade after her last appearance on the show, that still rings true. Her Facebook bio reads, "I'm a single mom. I love listening to music, animals, and being the best mom that I can be." She also has her children as her cover photo.

At the time of this writing, they're Taylor's sole focus as she waits to find the right man. Things didn't work out with Eugene, who she revealed on social media was meeting other women during their engagement, which occurred after filming ended. Now, Taylor is discovering a sense of self-confidence and recognizing what she deserves in a relationship.

In one post, she wrote, "Match me and my energy or move along quickly. At my age if you ain't got it together by now then just let it go." She also shared another post that said, "Sometimes a perfect family is just YOU & YOUR kids."

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