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Who Is Wonder Woman's Daughter? Tom King Explains Trinity's Origins - Exclusive

Contains spoilers for "Wonder Woman" #1 by DC Comics

Wonder Woman is getting a brand-new series at DC Comics from Tom King, Daniel Sampere, Tomeu Morey, and Clayton Cowles, with the upcoming book putting the iconic titular character back at the forefront of the publisher's storytelling initiative. The comic is set to place Wonder Woman in a country that has turned its back on the Amazons following a deadly incident involving an Amazonian on U.S. soil. With the new "Wonder Woman" ongoing series, readers will also learn more about Diana Prince's future daughter, Trinity, previously introduced in "Wonder Woman" #800. 

During our exclusive conversation with Tom King, Looper got the chance to learn more about Trinity and her upcoming role in the DC Universe. King shared details on her creation and her connection to Wonder Woman, and he hinted that readers will learn more about her true origins — including her father — in the new "Wonder Woman" series.

Tom King wanted to give Wonder Woman a new legacy

Tom King told us that it was quite "natural" to create Trinity, as readers haven't been given the same chance to see Diana Prince's legacy in the same way as they have for the two other members of DC's Trinity. "It was so natural to create her because Batman has a son and Superman has a son, and it feels like there's an obvious missing hole in the DC universe that we were trying to fill. That part of it was easy," King said. "But it was intimidating because I do very much want to get something that catches on and that lives beyond me writing her."

King joked he was "terrible" at creating new characters — "My expertise is in revamping other people's stuff," he explained — but he wanted to do something that mattered for Wonder Woman's future. With Trinity, he was able to introduce a character who builds on Diana's history and adds to the future generation of heroes in an exciting new way.

Where does Trinity come from?

While details about Trinity's origin and connection to Wonder Woman's future have been kept guarded, Tom King disclosed a bit about her story in the "Wonder Woman" series, which will explore her relationships with the future Batman and Superman, Damian Wayne and Jon Kent. He added that the new comic will show where she comes from, who her father is, and what's in store for the character in the future.

"Obviously, Trinity's the daughter of Wonder Woman. In #800, we saw the story flash-forward 20 years in the future, basically ... She has relationships with Damian [Wayne] and Jon [Kent]," he said. "This will be how she's born, who her father is, what her fate is. Trinity has three lassos — what are those three lassos? Where do they come from? All those questions that were raised in #800 will be answered by the main series."

So for those seeking answers about Trinity's origin and parentage, the series will reveal the truth behind her creation and exactly how she fits into the future version of DC's Trinity. It will be fascinating to see how King balances the present-day storyline with Wonder Woman fighting against the Amazon Extradition Entity (A.X.E.) while potentially having a child around the same time.

Readers can learn more about Trinity when the new "Wonder Woman" series from Tom King, Daniel Sampere, Tomeu Morey, and Clayton Cowles arrives in comic book stores on September 19, 2023.