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Veronica Mars: The Real Reason Mac Wasn't In Season 4

"Veronica Mars" may not have had the same impact as other CW dramas from the same time period like "Smallville" or "Supernatural," but the series has gone on to boast a fervent cult following nonetheless. This fits as the series is chock full of references to "The Big Lebowski," another cult classic. Either way, not only did the passion and dedication of fans lead to a follow-up film to the series, but it also was the impetus for a Season 4 revival series back in 2019.

However, though many cast members returned for the most recent season of "Veronica Mars," there was one notable absence. Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie (Tina Majorino), a hacker and regular ally of Kristin Bell's titular teen detective is a recurring character on the drama-mystery series, and she has appeared in 33 of the show's 72 episodes as well as the 2014 film.

Unfortunately, as "Veronica Mars" creator and showrunner Rob Thomas told TVLine, he didn't have anything major in mind for the character in Season 4 of the series. Of Majorino's absence, Thomas said, "When we spoke, she asked me what her storyline would be, and I bluntly said, 'Well, you won't have your own storyline,'" Thomas explained. "I told her that the series-regular characters are taking a backseat to the mystery. I don't know if that's why she opted out or if she had other obligations."

Rob Thomas decided to take her character off the grid

For this reason, Rob Thomas chose to have Mac be in a far-off location in order to help explain her absence in Season 4 of "Veronica Mars." "It was really just to let the audience know that she was off the grid," the showrunner explained. "I didn't want the audience to think Mac was just four blocks away, and we're just not seeing her."

As for Tina Majorino's own take, the actor confirmed to TVLine that she preferred to only return if her character would have a significant part to play. "There was no room for my beloved hacker queen and, as conversations continued, that only became more clear," the actor said. "So, I made the decision not to participate. I was so pleased with where we saw her end up in the movie that I didn't want to demean that by making an appearance that would not satisfy me, Mac, or the viewers."

While it's kind of a bummer that Mac wasn't in Season 4 of the series, as it's likely to be the last we see of the characters, she still lives on in the universe of the series and could one day return if the show pulls off another miraculous revival with a possible "Veronica Mars" Season 5.