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The Boys: Clancy Brown's Gen V Role Is Connected To The Seven (& Explains 1 Cameo)

While fans of The Seven anxiously await the debut of "The Boys" Season 4, they'll soon be getting a spinoff series about a new generation of superheroes in a university setting in "Gen V."

Amazon Studios released the official character descriptions for the main cast featured in "Gen V" on August 23, 2023, and among the principal players in the series is Rich "Brink" Brinkerhoff, played by prolific actor Clancy Brown. "[Brinkerhoff is] a renowned professor of crime fighting at Godolkin University who taught superheroes such as A-Train, Queen Maeve, and The Deep," his character description reads. "He is dedicated to finding the top new talent at Godolkin University to join The Seven, and believes Golden Boy has what it takes to be next."

Golden Boy is played by Patrick Schwarzenegger, the son of action movie legend Arnold Schwarzenegger. According to his character description, "Patrick Schwarzenegger plays Luke Riordan, who is also known by his superhero name, Golden Boy, because of his ability to light his entire body on fire. He is a senior at Godolkin University and is in the top rank, having the brightest prospects of joining The Seven."

While the series largely concentrates on the students at Godolkin, at least one of Brinkerhoff's former students featured in "The Boys" will appear in "Gen V."

A-Train from The Boys will make an appearance in Gen V

Naturally, "The Boys" spinoff "Gen V" brings the blood in its first trailer, and along with it, a teaser of a cameo appearance of one of the original series' cast members. As such, Amazon Studios revealed in its character description press release that A-Train, played by Jessie T. Usher, will be featured in "Gen V."

Of course, viewers won't find out what A-Train's specific involvement in the series will be until it debuts on Amazon Prime Video in late September 2023. However, it's logical to presume his storyline will be tied somehow to Clancy Brown's Professor Rich "Brink" Brinkerman, since he is the superhero's former instructor.

While the character descriptions only provided a snapshot of each of the main characters' backgrounds, fans can also get a small peek into Brinkerman's past on the Godolkin University website created to help promote "Gen V." Pictured on the faux Godolkin site are three books that Brinkerman authored: "Villain or Hero? A Matter of Perspective," "Superphysics: Making the Impossible Possible," and "The Hero Inside All of Us." Naturally, all books were published by Vought International, the mega conglomerate behind Compound V, the substance that gives their superheroes their super abilities.

The faux university site also includes endorsements from some of the members of The Seven. A-Train's quote says, "Everything changed when I went to Godolkin," while The Deep's endorsement simply says, "Godolkin was dope." Queen Maeve's testimonial says, "I found myself at God U," which infers, of course, that Vought's superheroes are gods among humans.

"Gen V" will premiere with three episodes on Amazon Prime Video on September 29, with new episodes dropping every Friday through November 3.