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Meow Mix Commercial: Why Star JC Chasez Fits In Purrfectly With The Tabby 5

Tearin' up my heart? More like tearin' up the furniture with these feisty felines.

JC Chasez, a former member of the '90s Mickey Mouse Club and an integral component of the boy band *NSYNC, stars in a new commercial for Meow Mix. The ad will surely be catnip for any pop fans, as it introduces the world to the Tabby 5. Someone did their homework as the kitties are dressed in all-denim outfits (as was the style at the time) and performing a remixed version of the classic "Meow Mix" jingle in front of an aircraft hangar, reminiscent of the Backstreet Boys' music video for "I Want It That Way." JC Chasez eventually arrives to sing in the rain, another common staple of the era where boy bands roamed the earth.

Chasez spoke with Billboard about what drew him to the commercial and why it's the perfect time for a boy band resurgence, "I grew up with cats — and dogs to be fair. I'm an animal lover in general. So, I loved the Meow Mix idea. Of course, there's a lot of 90s Nostalgia going on right now, so putting a 90s spin on the longtime jingle was so fun." The goal of the ad may have been to launch a new wet-food range, but really, the mission should've been to remind everyone what an incredible vocal range Chasez has. 

JC Chasez is getting involved in the world of theatre

JC Chasez has kept busy in the years since *NSYNC went kaput. He's acted in film and television, including episodes of "Ghost Whisperer" and "Las Vegas." But much of his attention as of late has been on musical theatre. He told Billboard how he approaches writing songs for the stage as opposed to pop songs from his boy band days, "When you're writing a single for something, you're just looking to write about what you're feeling in the moment. When you're working on a musical, there's always a bigger picture and the story is always the driving force."

Of course, a Meow Mix commercial with JC Chasez is just what the world needs right now. It actually follows in the footsteps of some of his former bandmates, as Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, and Chris Kirkpatrick starred in a Progressive ad. Justin Timberlake has also dabbled in commercial acting, as he starred alongside Christopher Walken to promote Bai. But the question everyone wants to know right now is whether *NSYNC will finally reunite.

Chasez didn't say anything about that, but he did confirm he's the least active in the band's group chat. At least they talk to each other. And the fandom clearly still has a lot of love for *NSYNC. There's even a TikTok account called @Justice4jc with over 100,000 followers that's all about highlighting Chasez's vocal abilities. An official reunion just might break the internet, but for now, fans will have to make do with one-fifth of *NSYNC jamming to the Meow Mix jingle.