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Welcome To Riverdale - An Exclusive Look At A Chilling New Chapter Of Archie Comics

Contains spoilers for "Chilling Adventures Presents... Welcome to Riverdale" #1 by Amy Chase, Liana Kangas, Ellie Wright, and Jack Morelli

While The CW television series started as a teen-drama-murder-mystery, "Riverdale" is known for embracing eclectic storylines during its later seasons. By Season 7, Archie Andrews and the gang have already traveled back in time, introduced a parallel world called Rivervale, and had its main characters receive superpowers. To its credit, the show isn't afraid to embrace the more unusual side of its comic book lore. As The CW says goodbye to Archie and the gang, we have the perfect comic for "Riverdale" fans to read next.

"Chilling Adventures Presents... Welcome to Riverdale" #1 is a one-shot comic following Ginger Snapp's arrival to the iconic town. Snapp, who first appeared in "Zip Comics" #35 by Bob Montana in 1943, hails from the town of Hilldale. But her upcoming trip to Riverdale will put her in a world featuring toxic positivity with a horror twist which Archie Comics describe as "equal parts 'Pleasantville' and 'The Stepford Wives.'" Writer Amy Chase told Looper, "In the wake of the juggernaut 'Riverdale' TV series, we felt inspired to try anything; to make it weird, find those unexpected twists and turns! The good folks at Archie Comics have really encouraged us to push the limits of these comics, as long as the core of the story stays fun and true to the characters. We wanted to keep that 'That's wild, let's go for it!' spirit alive here."

With that intriguing comparison, Looper is thrilled to share an exclusive first look at the issue courtesy of Archie Comics.

Ginger Snapp is heading to a Bizzaro Riverdale

Chase referred to her collaborator Liana Kangas as an "artistic powerhouse." The writer added, "They've done an exceptional job with fashion and character designs that show the intersections of the classic, modern, and horror elements of the Archie legacy. The art really emphasizes the very best Riverdale has to offer (with its worst secrets lurking just outside the panels)." Kangas referenced one of "Riverdale's" most iconic lines when talking about the series: "It's no epic highs and lows of high school football, but Amy and I and the whole creative team are certainly giving you a strange, messed up one-shot that you won't regret picking up!"

In the first unlettered preview page, Ginger arrives at Riverdale. She's a postcard from her friend, Nancy Woods, who seems to be the reason why Ginger is here in the first place. Ginger then meets an older gentleman wearing a cowboy hat.

In the second preview page, Ginger meets up with Nancy and iconic Riverdale resident Veronica Lodge to hang out at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe — a familiar locale for "Riverdale" fans.

The third preview page features Ginger receiving an old-school makeover. She dons a new hoop-styled dress that matches the era and stylings of her fellow friends. However, things take a dark turn when Snapp looks overwhelmed by what she's seeing off-panel and someone grabs at the sides of her mouth — hinting at the book's creepy plotline.

In the final preview page, Ginger wakes up and meets with Carla Teal. Of course, it's safe to assume the pair are discussing the mysterious happenings in Riverdale.

Welcome to Riverdale is Archie Comics embracing its strangest corners

Much like some of the recent "Chilling Adventures..." one-shots, "Chilling Adventures Presents... Welcome to Riverdale" #1 is an excellent showcase for a classic character in the Archie Comics mythos, featuring a strange and horror-filled story. However, the new one-shot appears to be leaning into the satirical "perfect world with a horrible truth" behind its storytelling, which lends itself well to this particular adventure starring Ginger Snapp. The main cover for the one-shot is drawn by Liana Kangas, with the variant coming from Marguerite Sauvage.

Check out the book's cover, design sheet for its characters, and solicitation text below:

When Ginger Snapp finds herself in the town of Riverdale, a town she's fanatically read about growing up, she's amazed by how wholesome and welcoming it truly is. But she can't help but shake the uncanny valley-feeling she has with every new person she meets. How can everyone be THIS nice? And could the kindness drive someone to the brink of madness, if it hasn't already? Explore toxic positivity gone horror in this one-shot that's equal parts Pleasantville and The Stepford Wives.

The 32-page, full-color issue of "Chilling Adventures... Welcome to Riverdale" #1 from Archie Comics arrives in comic book stores and online retailers on October 11, 2023.