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What Is The Zac Efron Camp Kodiak Commercial Actually Advertising?

Zac Efron might be a lousy camp counselor, but he's great at protecting the grizzly bears and selling that sweet, sweet SWAG. In partnership with Kodiak Cakes, an environmentally forward food business based in Utah, and with Vital Ground Foundation, a nonprofit wildlife conservation land trust, Efron released a hilarious commercial that depicts himself as a confident and charming, albeit inept, camp counselor at the fictional Camp Kodiak — possibly the only fictional camp that won't get you killed. Yes, that includes Camp Half-Blood.

While the young campers struggle to keep pace with him, Efron shares his mission: to sell SWAG that will fund the protection of land specially curated for endangered grizzly bears. The commercial is legitimately funny, so no one would fault you for forgetting some of the finer points between gales of giggles. Here's what you need to know.

During the commercial, Efron markets a collection of outdoor items, all branded with the "Keep It Wild" logo created by Brooke Bartleson. The collection includes Slowtide towels, Igloo coolers and koozies, and t-shirts, all exclusively available online. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go directly to Vital Ground Foundation to continue its mission, and Kodiak has pledged to match every single dollar raised by the collection in its own lump-sum donation to its nonprofit companion.

Zac Efron's ongoing environmental mission

Zac Efron joined Kodiak Cakes in 2022 as the company's Chief Brand Officer. "Being a part of the Kodiak team over this past year has been an incredible ride," he told prnewswire.com. "Kodiak is inspiring people to be a part of change that is critical to the future of our planet. It has been an honor to work with them and other organizations to bring awareness to these causes."

This isn't just a one-off, passing interest for the "High School Musical" star. In 2020, Netflix released "Down to Earth with Zac Efron," an ongoing docuseries that follows Efron as he travels the world in search of different methods for sustainable living. The series currently boasts two seasons, with a third one on the way, releasing this November.

With Kodiak and Vital Ground Foundation, Efron hopes to bolster a homestead for grizzly bears in North America. The more specific goal is to purchase private lands that would connect larger but notably separate, preestablished wildlife conservation strongholds. As Vital Ground Foundation strives to prevent conflict between bears and humanity, it seems as though uniting the disparate havens would provide the endangered animals more travel venues away from people.