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Whatever Happened To Nightcap After Shark Tank?

It's difficult to deny that a lot of the brands and products featured on "Shark Tank" fall under the niche novelty banner. There's nothing wrong with that either — it keeps the show entertaining and leads to fun, out-there pitches like the Copy Keyboard. Once in a blue moon, however, "Shark Tank" features ventures with the potential to legitimately save lives and keep people safe from harm. Such was the case with Nightcap.

As featured on "Shark Tank" Season 12, Episode 12, Nightcap is a product designed by siblings Shirah and Michael Benarde to protect consumers from having their drinks spiked. The item is essentially a reusable drink cover with a single straw hole, which is stored within a hair scrunchie and can be easily placed onto the top of an open cup to prevent any foreign substances from being added to a beverage.

In their "Shark Tank" appearance, the Benardes sought an investment deal of $60,000 for a 20% stake in Nightcap. They didn't have much trouble securing a partnership either, as host Lori Greiner quickly voiced her faith in the importance of the product and counter-offered with the same investment size for a 25% stake, which the duo accepted.

With how rapidly Nightcap managed to secure a deal on "Shark Tank," viewers may be wondering how the business has been faring in the couple of years since its appearance on the show. As it happens, Greiner's faith has been vindicated — Nightcap is doing quite well for itself.

Nightcap has expanded its operations

Things have been going great for Nightcap since Lori Greiner took a chance on the business on "Shark Tank." In the year following the Shark's investment, the company made an impressive $2.1 million in sales, which the team revealed in an update segment on "Shark Tank" after their initial appearance. Not only that, but Nightcap has also obtained a major new celebrity partner in the form of musician Julia Michaels, which Greiner announced on her social media accounts in November 2021.

A look around the official Nightcap website also demonstrates just how much the company has expanded in terms of scope and range of products. In addition to the tried-and-true original Nightcap utility, the business now offers other items, such as a keychain version of Nightcap and a variation that is designed to cover bottles instead. Most notably, the company also carries StopTopps, which are small disposable stickers that can similarly be used to protect drinks from getting spiked.

While Nightcap is already seeing strong success, the team has stated that they're still trying to increase the accessibility and availability of their products in the future. "They are working with bars, clubs, universities, police departments, local governments, non-profits, and others to provide NightCaps to their students/members/customers/citizens," a blurb on the website reads. "It's amazing to see what a positive impact this product has had on so many."