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Whatever Happened To Copy Keyboard After Shark Tank?

As someone with plenty of typing experience, Scotty Trujillo aimed to make the never-ending task of copying and pasting much easier for millions of keyboard users with his device, the Copy Keyboard. Now, instead of extending your fingers to hit the shortcut keys for either undertaking, the Copy Keyboard offers two simple buttons for either copying or pasting. The keyboard comes in standard and LED versions and attaches to computers through USB cords. Trujillo came up with the concept while working as an e-commerce manager, where he estimates he had to copy and paste at least 50 times a day while working with various documents and spreadsheets. 

Trujillo began the business in 2021. The product found success after it was seen on social media platforms, such as TikTok. After sharing one of these videos on December 1, the entrepreneur received $20,000 worth of orders by the next day, which he packaged and shipped out on his own. Now, he's looking to take his company to the next level, which means Trujillo would have to take the ultimate plunge into "Shark Tank."

What happened to Copy Keyboard on Shark Tank?

Scotty Trujillo brings an especially energetic presentation for his Copy Keyboard when appearing on "Shark Tank" Season 14. On the show, Trujillo aims to get a $40,000 investment for a 25% stake in his business. But are his bright idea and bombastic demonstration enough to bring a shark on his team? 

Trujillo's bright-eyed energy reels in the sharks. The entrepreneur claims the resources will help him lower production costs from over $9 to $6.50. He also shares that he has trouble keeping up with inventory, even changing the status of several impending orders to preorders due to running out of stock. Things take a turn when Kevin O'Leary asks if the product is patented. Trujillo shares that it was not, causing concerns about ripoffs. He fires back by stating his plan is to work harder and push through production better than potential competitors. 

Sadly, this does little to get any of the sharks on board. While the panelists all fell in love with the entrepreneur's bold personality, most are simply not fond of the product. Even tech guru Robert Herjavec, despite wishing to invest somehow, admits, "The product is crap." While he didn't receive a deal, Trujillo was nevertheless proud of what he accomplished, saying after the pitch, "Ultimately, I'm so happy because I showed myself that I could do all this by myself." Unsurprisingly, he didn't stop there.  

Copy Keyboard after Shark Tank

Despite initially showing optimism following his "Shark Tank" appearance, Scotty Trujillo had his fair share of emotional difficulties after being rejected. On the entrepreneur podcast Unmuted, Trujillo opened up about the aftermath, saying, "So honestly, if we're being honest, like for a whole week, I probably just moped around in bed and just became a mummy." Thankfully, this didn't last long, and Trujillo got back on his feet to boost his company. 

Copy Keyboard expanded its product line to include a three-keyboard design. This time, instead of only the copy and paste buttons, the new keyboard has a "cut" option and a volume knob. Allegedly, Trujillo has also come out with another keyboard featuring a "select all" button that can also be connected through Bluetooth instead of USB. However, this version is not currently listed on the company's website or Amazon, where their other products are sold. The available keyboards have garnered positive reviews from customers, who love them for their convenience and ease of use. 

Trujillo still struggles with keeping a stocked inventory, as his products are not usually available in high quantities. He is active on TikTok, with over 138,000 followers and 4.7 million total likes. Currently, Copy Keyboard is estimated to be worth $200,000.