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The Marvels Director Calls A Huge MCU Plot Point 'Stressful'

Nia DaCosta is a bona fide comic book aficionado who grew up reading Marvel titles and obsessing over them. She even wrote her own fan fiction, which should tell you all you need to know about her appreciation for superheroes. As such, the filmmaker aimed to pour this love and respect for the comics into her upcoming blockbuster, "The Marvels." That said, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has its own set of rules that's separate from the comic book universe, and one of them left DaCosta feeling stressed.

With "The Marvels," DaCosta set out to make a fun superhero movie that explores bright worlds which haven't been visited in previous MCU movies. However, while speaking to Total Film (per GamesRadar), DaCosta revealed that had to adhere to the cinematic franchise's rules regarding Incursions, and she doesn't appear to be the biggest fan of this iteration of the apocalyptic concept. "[The MCU's Incursion rule] was always very stressful to me," she told the outlet. With that in mind, how does the Incursion lore in the MCU differ from its comic book origins?

How the MCU's Incursion lore is different from the comics

Incursions were introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe courtesy of "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness." In the movie, the Master of the Mystic Arts' presence in Earth-838 risks setting off one of these events, and no one wants that. The film essentially describes the concept as the collision of two separate universes and the subsequent destruction of one or both of these realities. This is similar to the Incursion lore in the comic books, but the MCU did make some changes.

In the comics, Incursions were created by an omnipotent race known as The Beyonders, who used a being/bomb called Molecule Man to try and destroy worlds across the Multiverse. However, Molecule Man doesn't appear to be in the MCU's plans for the time being, and the introduction of Incursions in the "Doctor Strange sequel proves that he isn't needed to create them.

It seems that Nia DaCosta might prefer the comic book version of Incursions over the MCU's idea. That said, it will be interesting to see how the concept is applied to "The Marvels" when it lands in theaters on November 10, 2023.