Red, White And Royal Blue: Is The V&A Museum Real And Can You Visit At Night?

Contains spoilers for "Red, White and Royal Blue"

Museums play a surprisingly big part in "Red, White and Royal Blue." When Prince Henry (Nicholas Galitzine) refuses to speak to his lover, Alex Claremont-Diaz (Taylor Zakhar Perez), after the former confesses his love to Henry, Henry tries to explain his reluctance toward romance and his need for solitude to Alex. He takes Alex to a special, private spot — the V&A Museum. He confesses that when he was young he would come here with his father and be fascinated by the sculptures. Since his father's passing, he's come back alone to dodge photographers and looky-loos, and wishes he had someone to dance with among the statues. Alex takes this as an opportunity to put some music on his phone and dance with his beloved in the cool evening lights. While the romantic moment helps seal their relationship, it also puts them in political jeopardy when footage from the museum's security cameras leaks. 

The Victoria & Albert — or V&A — Museum is definitely a real place. In fact, it's a network of museums that are scattered throughout London. Henry takes Alex to the V&A South Kensington, close to Kensington Palace — and specifically one of its sculpture galleries. These galleries are completely open to the public and charge no admission fee — and you won't need to be part of the royal family to take a spin through them at night.

You can explore some of the V&A's galleries at night

According to the official website for the Victoria & Albert South Kensington, most of the museum's galleries stay open until at least 17:45 in Greenwich Mean Time. However, on Fridays, certain galleries stay open until 22:00. That means you can stay around the museums — including the sculpture gallery — into the early evening hours. Though naturally, you'll have to contend with other tourists and the lighting will be a little less romantically moody for you than it was for Alex and Henry.

But if that doesn't cut it and you desperately want a little time with your sweetie in the galleries at night, you can you rent out the museum and its galleries for private events. Though it will cost you a pretty penny, certain galleries and halls within the venerable establishment can be set up for wedding receptions and other special occasions. Best of all — you won't even need to have a special key to get in.