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Hallmark: Which '90s Child Star Has Starred In The Most Movies For The Network?

Feel-good moments and familiar faces — both are synonymous with Hallmark movies, which continue to offer hometown comfort while repeatedly casting the same actors, making them staples of Hallmark's channels. Those include Lacey Chabert, Candace Cameron Bure, and Kellie Martin, who all have fanbases that started way before their Hallmark days. Each is known for her career as a child star back in the 1990s, and one of them has the most Hallmark credits to her name.

When comparing the credits of Chabert, Bure, and Martin, it is Chabert who has starred in the most Hallmark movies, with her current total coming in at 37 roles, including two that are upcoming. The popular "Haul Out the Holly" is getting a sequel during the 2023 holiday season, and it will share the holiday schedule with Chabert's other upcoming film, "A Merry Scottish Christmas," featuring her "Party of Five" co-star Scott Wolf. Chabert rose to fame playing violin prodigy Claudia Salinger, Bailey's (Wolf) youngest sister on the hit family drama, and she has continued to command the small screen through her many Hallmark appearances.

Like Chabert, Bure and Martin each saw success on family shows in the 1990s, with Bure playing D.J. Tanner on "Full House" and Martin playing Becca Thatcher on "Life Goes On." But their Hallmark credits fall short of Chabert's number, with Bure starring in 30 films and Martin starring in 16, according to Hallmark. No new Hallmark projects are on the horizon for Bure, who left Hallmark to go to Great American Family in 2022.

As for Chabert, she has a few reasons why she keeps coming back to the channel.

Why Chabert's role at Hallmark means so much to her

Hallmark movies are known for their heart and for storylines that many can relate to, even if the plot is something that could only be conjured up in a Hallmark movie. Lacey Chabert told Fox 5 that the feel-good vibe is part of the reason why she continues to work with Hallmark. "I love when I get to meet people, and they say, 'Thanks for bringing a little joy to my living room, and I love watching these with my family.' I don't take that lightly. People get to choose whatever they want to put on their TV, and I feel honored when they choose to watch one of our movies," she said.

According to Chabert, those positive narratives are weaved into every Hallmark movie, including those with more dramatic plots, and that's something that Chabert can attest to from her own experience. While Chabert has starred in several of Hallmark's best Christmas movies, she can also be spotted in everyday romances like the "Wedding Veil" film series and suspenseful tales like the "Crossword Mysteries" series.

Of course, nostalgia is another big part of Hallmark films, and Chabert's big roles in the 1990s and early 2000s could also be a reason why people are drawn to her films. "A Merry Scottish Christmas" plans to meet that nostalgia criterion with Chabert and Scott Wolf reuniting on the small screen for the first time in more than 20 years.