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Good Omens: The Official (And Ineffable) Graphic Novel Kickstarter Funded In 24 Hours

Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's classic novel, "Good Omens," is getting a graphic novel adaptation, and it's already doing huge numbers on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. In the project's first 24 hours, it has raised more than 25 times its requested amount, showing there's serious interest in seeing the beloved story translated into the comic book medium.

"Good Omens" was first published in 1990 as a joint writing project between Pratchett and Gaiman. The fantasy-comedy story stars the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley trying to stop the end of times and avoid giving up their cushy lives on the mortal plane. The book is considered one of the best works of both Pratchett, who wrote the iconic "Discworld" fantasy series, and Gaiman, the creator of "American Gods" and "The Sandman."

In recent years, "Good Omens" has been adapted into a hit live-action series from Amazon Studios and the BBC, with Michael Sheen portraying Aziraphale and David Tennant bringing Crowley to life. Ahead of the second season of the show's premiere in late-July, Gaiman announced he had teamed up with longtime collaborator Colleen Doran ("Snow, Glass, Apples," "Sandman") on a "Good Omens" graphic novel. On August 1, they launched a new Kickstarter, and it's already been a significant success, reaching its funding goal almost immediately and having an impressive number of artists contribute to the adaptation.

What readers can expect from the new adaptation

The "Good Omens" Kickstarter campaign comes from Neil Gaiman and the estate of Terry Pratchett. The project features artwork from Colleen Doran, who will illustrate the classic world of the novel. Every tier comes with the hardback edition of "Good Omens: the Official (and Ineffable) Graphic Novel," with more significant pledges involving additional add-ons. For example, the £40 Serpent Tier consists of the graphic novel, a loot pack featuring prints from Doran, and a dust jacket cover from superstar artist Frank Quitely. The £120 Hellbound Tier pack includes all the items mentioned previously plus more prints, enamel pins of the two main characters, a sticker set, and trading cards.

Those willing to drop £200 will receive the previous rewards and a map of Tadfield designed by artist Julien Labit. The £250 Bookshop Tier allows retailers to get 20 copies of the book at a 50 percent discount. The £320 Demon Tier includes the previous tiered rewards, a pair of "Good Omens" socks, notebooks with Gaiman and Pratchett's faces, and five enamel pins. The £2,750 God Tier allows you to appear as a character in the graphic novel.

The tiers only get bigger and bigger from there, with many other options, including the most expensive level, The Apocalypse Tier, at £8000. This sold-out option was only made available to one backer and included all the lower tier rewards and a super-limited edition version of the "Good Omens" novel: the "Celestial" edition. This is the final copy of a print run that was limited to 24 copies that were never distributed to the public.

The Good Omens Kickstarter has already unlocked rewards

The "Good Omens: the Official (and Ineffable) Graphic Novel" has not only blown past its base target in less than 24 hours, it has already hit all of its stretch goals announced thus far. Among the stretch goals are every book being printed with a gold foil cover, prints from artists Sarah Graley and Rachael Stott, the addition of endpapers to each edition, prints from David Aja, Mark Buckingham, Tanya Robert, Alice Oseman, and Paul Kidby, and the most significant stretch goal, coloring page prints of the world of "Good Omens."

"'Good Omens' is a tale that is special to all involved in this project, and when bringing a new adaptation into the world, we knew we had to retain full creative freedom," the creative team said in a statement expressing how special the project is to them. "So the idea was born to bring this edition to you, the fans, via Kickstarter and Dunmanifestin, the publishing arm of the Terry Pratchett's Estate. Therefore the book you will eventually hold in your hands comes straight from the hearts of teams Pratchett, Gaiman and Doran."

As of publication, the Kickstarter is just shy of £700,000 pledged to its campaign, smashing its original modest £25000 goal. Considering how beloved Pratchett, Gaiman, and Doran's work is, plus the many creators joining the project for its tiers and stretch goals, it's no surprise to see the graphic novel do well, though they seem shocked at how quickly it's racked up supporters. "Good Omens" remains relevant more than 30 years after it was published, and for good reason, as readers continue to resonate with its characters and world. with the new adaptation, readers can experience the story like never before. You can check out the "Good Omens: the Official (and Ineffable) Graphic Novel" Kickstarter here.