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Barbie Theory: The Movie Subtly Revealed Why Barbie Doesn't Love Ken Back

Contains spoilers for "Barbie"

Every night is girls' night in Barbieland. That's according to Barbie (Margot Robbie), who keeps turning down Ken (Ryan Gosling) amid his attempts to take her out on a date in the hit film, "Barbie." Each Barbie has their routine, and so does Ken, who says the only way he can have a great day is if Barbie notices him. When Barbie sets out on a mission to figure out why she is experiencing flat feet and questioning her existence, Ken decides to help and secretly jumps into her car. For decades, Ken and Barbie have been pictured as a perfect couple, so Barbie's rejection may surprise moviegoers. However, the reason Barbie and Ken remain in the friend zone is subtly included in the movie, according to one fan.

It is revealed that Gloria's (America Ferrera) thoughts are subconsciously wired to Barbie, which is why she questions her existence and thinks about other concerns tied to the human world. One fan is pointing out that this link could be why she doesn't want to date Ken, who Gosling has compared to men seen on "The Bachelorette." @callmeashbash posted their observation on TikTok, noting Gloria's very important line. "Whenever they're in the getaway car going back to Barbieland, Gloria literally says that she never had a Ken doll. And Barbie's subconscious comes from Gloria. So, if Gloria felt like Barbie didn't need a Ken doll, then Barbie would feel like she didn't need a Ken doll," they said. This theory could explain a later scene in the film.

How the story's resolution could take Ken out of the friend zone

Happiness is back in full force after Gloria and her daughter Sasha (Ariana Greenblatt) help restore Barbieland. On the journey, Gloria has revelations about her own life while growing her relationship with Sasha. This also means a resolution for Barbie's storyline, and it could be why she gives Ken a chance toward the end of the film. Outside of being tied to Gloria's feelings, Barbie's perspective on life and relationships has changed, which is evident when she tells Ken that not every night has to be girls' night.

And while the absence of Ken in Gloria's life could be the main reason Barbie initially brushes off Ken, it is also important to note that none of the other Barbies seem to have solid romantic connections with the other Kens. In the beginning, when the Barbies are introduced by showing off their skills and friendships, romance is not really mentioned. Kens are not showcased until the Barbies head to the beach, where all of the Kens are hanging out, some hoping the Barbies will notice them.

Of course, Barbie's world is clearly that of a playset, with the characters consciously recognizing their existence as dolls. Margot Robbie told Elle that she approached her character as someone who has no sexual desire. "She's a plastic doll ... If she doesn't have organs, she doesn't have reproductive organs. If she doesn't have reproductive organs, would she even feel sexual desire? No, I don't think she could," she said.