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Harrison Ford's Marvel Casting Spells Doom For This Secret Invasion Star

The Marvel series "Secret Invasion" featured the deaths of several prominent Marvel characters, with some remaining more permanent than others. But one individual from the Disney+ show's roster that barely survived might not have a future in the MCU thanks to the studio adding another Hollywood star to the cast of "Captain America: Brave New World."

Dermot Mulroney plays U.S. President Ritson in "Secret Invasion," but his tenure as commander-in-chief in the MCU may not be for much longer, mostly since Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige has confirmed that Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross (Harrison Ford) will be the president in "Captain America: Brave New World." As far as what President Ritson's post-Secret Invasion career looks like, Mulroney has no clue. "No, I don't know what anybody's intent is, but I couldn't ask for more," the actor said in an interview with Josh Wilding. "I'm so fulfilled and thrilled to have been in Secret Invasion. I have no concept of whether Ritson survives or lives on or continues in the storyline." 

Mulroney also seems content with his character not getting re-elected in favor of Ford's character. "It would be a thrill, of course, but if I have to lose the next election to one American, and it has to be Harrison Ford, I guess that's fair enough," he said. "That's okay. There's nothing about two terms...I can be his vice president! I can have two terms of vice president under President Harrison Ford."

There's a chance "Secret Invasion" will be Mulroney's last ride in the MCU, but some might be shocked to learn he has lent a particular set of skills to other Marvel projects.

Secret Invasion isn't Dermot Mulroney's only Marvel gig

While intel regarding what will happen to President Ritson after "Secret Invasion" may be classified, the mystery behind what other endeavors Dermot Mulroney has worked on for Marvel has been de-classified.

Before he starred in "Secret Invasion," Mulroney had over 130 credits making up his body of work with several notable titles such as "My Best Friend's Wedding," "The Family Stone," and "Scream 6." But many may not realize that acting in films isn't the only talent he has in his arsenal, and the Disney+ series isn't the only time he has worked on something under the Marvel banner. 

When asked about his involvement in certain "Spider-Man" projects, Mulroney was quick to shed some light on his surprising contributions. "I play cello in the scoring orchestras for maestro Michael Giacchino, our great American composer and friend of mine," the actor revealed on Today. "So I've been asked over the years, probably the last 15 years, I have played on 20 soundtracks or so." Academy Award-winning composer Michael Giacchino has worked on several movies in the MCU, including all three Tom Holland "Spider-Man" flicks, and if fans listen closely, they might be able to hear Mulroney's cello skills in action.