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The Seinfeld Fan Theory About Susan Faking Her Own Death Is All Wrong - Here's Why

When you combine a long-running and iconic television series with a loyal and massive fanbase, fan theories are not far behind. Some of them can actually be true, but most of the time, they are extremely outlandish and hold no weight in the context of the source material. "Seinfeld" actually has quite a few theories that fans have put forth. From the question as to where Kramer (Michael Richards) makes his money to George's dead brother, there are many things viewers have asked themselves while watching "Seinfeld." 

"Seinfeld" fans might be interested to know that the show's official Instagram is getting in on the fun. Recently, they shared the theory that Susan (Heidi Swedberg), George's (Jason Alexander) fiancée who dies from licking toxic wedding invitations, is actually not dead at all. Though it would be interesting if Susan had faked her death and put her cheap partner through hell, there is too much for Susan to do — such as convincing the stationary shop, her parents (Warren Frost and Grace Zabriskie), and the doctor (Victor Raider-Wexler) to play along — for this to be true. 

The audience sees Susan die

One of the biggest clues that this theory is not true is the fact that viewers see Susan licking the envelopes. If she was planning to fake her death, there wouldn't have been a reason to show her doing this task. Instead, she could have lied down on the floor and waited for George to find her, take her to the doctor, and convince him and the audience that she had died off-screen. However, because we see her getting more and more sick, it is clear that the toxic adhesive is getting to her. Furthermore, the behind-the-scenes drama only adds to the credibility that Susan is, in fact, dead. 

It is also important to note the reactions of the people who, if Susan had faked her death, had to have been in on the ruse. The doctor, for instance, would likely have been written out of the series, but it's not the last time George sees him. He returns in "The Summer of George," and it doesn't seem like he knows anything suspicious. Mr. and Mrs. Ross, on the other hand, are the perfect image of parents who had just lost their daughter. They are obviously depressed and angry, and by the way her father threatens George, it seems likely that Susan is dead. Otherwise, her parents are taking the act way too far. 

While "Seinfeld" might have presented several storylines that have gotten fans' brains rolling, Susan's death should not be one of them.