Star Wars: The Acolyte Just Topped Rogue One In A Big Way - But It May Not Be Good

A disturbance has been detected in the force that may necessitate some concern for the "Star Wars" franchise. Forbes recently reported that the upcoming Disney+ series "The Acolyte" has spent $49.2 million on its pre-production costs alone. This places the streaming show's pre-production costs even higher than the 2016 film "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," which spent $5.5 million less in this category.

So, what led to the increased costs? According to Forbes, while previous "Star Wars" shows shot in the midst of the pandemic, such as "Andor," required the budget boost to account for COVID safety protocols, "The Acolyte," a mystery set a century prior to the events of "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace," owes much of this factor to its production location. Shot in London's Shinfield Studios, Disney benefited from the country's 25% cash reimbursement offer, which they were eligible to receive so long as at least 10% of the production's cost was spent in the United Kingdom. Even then, the fact that "The Acolyte" has spent this much without even shooting or doing post-production certainly raises some concerns.

While "Rogue One" could prove lucrative thanks to box office sales, streaming makes it much more difficult to determine a show's success. Additionally, "The Acolyte" is not based on any pre-existing "Star Wars" stories or characters, making it more uncertain how audiences will gravitate towards the new show. However, for those hesitant about giving "The Acolyte" a chance, the series' cast remain optimistic about what they have to offer.

The Acolyte cast feel that the show will usher in a new age of Star Wars

Disney's exorbitant spending on "The Acolyte" may not have been the best move, especially following their recent box office flops. But the cast behind the upcoming "Star Wars" series doesn't only feel that the show is worth watching but that it has the potential to ring in a new era for the franchise.

It's no secret that the "Star Wars" saga has recently placed greater effort in bringing more diverse voices to the forefront. "The Acolyte" is no exception, with quite possibly the most varied cast of any "Star Wars" project to date. The show's cast is thrilled to see what comes from productions such as this or the female-centric "Ahsoka."

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, "Queen & Slim" star Jodie Turner-Smith, who plays an undisclosed role in "Acolyte," expressed her excitement for what's to come. "I feel like we are part of a wave of more inclusive and beautifully represented 'Star Wars' shows," she said. "And I felt the importance of that, especially in some of the stuff that I got to where everyone really was excited about what they were seeing and what that would maybe mean for different fans ... Because if there's anything that I learned from this show, it's that the Star Wars fan is varied."

Time will tell how "The Acolyte" does when it comes out in 2024, but it seems to be headed in a promising and open-minded direction.