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Whatever Happened To Tranquilo After Shark Tank?

Former Massachusetts-based maternity nurse Melissa Gersin pitched her baby soothing mat Tranquilo on "Shark Tank" Season 8. The portable mat comforts crying infants through the use of low-level sounds and vibrations that simulate the womb. Whether parents want to lay their baby directly on the mat or even swaddle them in it, the product only requires the push of a button to get it going.  Gersin came up with the idea while unable to hold three babies who were undergoing medical treatment. While her hospital initially didn't see much merit in Tranquilo, it gained traction once the product rolled into full production. 

As an infant crying specialist, Gersin's primary mission was to solve a problem rather than start a business. Nevertheless, she realized the need for what she was offering and threw everything but the kitchen sink into her newfound passion. This included her selling her home, taking on extra jobs, and even investing her nearly $200,000 inheritance into her business. Such hard-working entrepreneurs are usually met with admiration on "Shark Tank" and Gersin was no exception.  

What happened to Tranquilo on Shark Tank?

During her Season 8 appearance on "Shark Tank" in 2017, Melissa Gersin seeks an investment of $100,000 for a 10% stake in Tranquilo. The sharks are impressed by the product and Gersin's numbers. In less than a year, the business brought in $65,000, with each mat costing around $20 to make and priced at upward of $85, although Gersin aims to sell it for $99 based on market research. While she sees the merits of reducing costs, her priority as a nurse is always safety.

Daymond John makes the first offer, willing to give the $100,000 but needing 20% of the business. Kevin O'Leary follows, offering $250,000 for 25% of the company, contingent on Gersin quitting her nursing job, as he feels she needs to dedicate more time to her entrepreneurial endeavors. Despite it still equating to her $1 million valuation, she doesn't feel comfortable giving up so much equity. Robert Herjavec comes in with an offer of $200,000 for 15%, a deal that Gersin immediately accepts.

Things didn't go as planned, however, as their deal never closed. On top of that, Gersin's next major move with the business saw her exit it almost entirely.

Tranquilo after Shark Tank

Melissa Gersin's mission to improve the lives of parents and their fussy babies with her vibrating mat Tranquilo didn't end after "Shark Tank." But even despite her best efforts, Gersin ultimately made the decision to leave behind her endeavors and give away the company.

Following her appearance on the show, Gersin sought to increase her marketing knowledge, improve the product, and get into major retailers. Even though her deal with Robert Herjavec didn't close, she still had kind things to say about his involvement, saying in an interview with Wicked Local (via 2paragraphs), "Robert has been great to work with, his people are a good resource for us and have helped us streamline a lot of the process." She was able to produce new varieties of the mat, offering it in small and large sizes. The product was also featured at 2017's ABC Kids Expo and on top lists from platforms such as Thrifty Littles and The Pumping Mommy. 

In 2018, Tranquilo was acquired by Baby Boom Consumer Products, the baby products division of The Betesh Group. However, Gersin was confident that her product was in good hands. "I'm excited to have sold 'my baby' to Baby Boom so that they can bring this unique and effective sleep solution to parents around the world," she said in a press statement. It may have been hard to let go of her business, but it was the right choice for Gersin. 

Why did Tranquilo go out of business?

It might seem odd that someone as passionate as Melissa Gersin would give away her company, especially after gaining notoriety from "Shark Tank" and other events. But for the entrepreneur, it was that same growth that depleted her drive to keep going with Tranquilo.

In an interview with Simmons University, Gersin shared what prompted the decision." I loved running my business, but once it grew bigger — generating 40,000+ products annually — I wasn't interested in running that kind of company anymore," she said. "It was more like being a boss, not as much research or helping run the day to day logistics."

Thankfully, Gersin's business know-how didn't go to waste. She may have no longer been the face of Tranquilo after her product was acquired by Baby Boom Consumer Products, but that doesn't mean her efforts in the field ended entirely. The website where the product is currently sold continues using Gersin in videos promoting the product. She also worked alongside the company to aid in product development and consulting on a variety of products. In later years, however, Gersin went down a different path that prioritized her own well-being. 

What's next for Tranquilo's founder?

After working with Baby Boom Consumer Products for some time, Melissa Gersin and her wife moved to Germany. There, Gersin's experience running a successful business came in handy, as she continues offering consultation work to various startups, still mostly pertaining to the baby products industry. She has assisted businesses with everything from securing patents to figuring out sales taxes to navigating wholesale and much more. Since she and her wife had their daughter, however, Gersin has taken a step back and is trying to find a new place to take her consultation efforts.

In her interview with Simmons University, she commented, "I'm not sure what the universe needs right now. I have some interest in companies in Europe that don't know how to tap into the U.S. market, or don't do it well. So I may end up expanding into that realm of consulting. Either way, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for me and my business!"