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Tony Bennett's Forgotten Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comic Cameo Explained

Tony Bennett had a career that loomed large. He won 20 Grammy Awards throughout his life as well as a slew of other awards. That kind of fame spilled over into other art forms and mediums, as he starred in numerous movies and television series over the years (often playing himself). But the crooner had one appearance that even his most hardcore fans may not have been aware of. 

Bennett may have had nothing to do with creating "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe 10," but it seems like the writer and artist wanted to have a little fun at his expense. The story follows Angel and Alopex, who find themselves captive by Toad Baron, hosting a non-stop party within his dimension. It seems great at first, as the party distracts from the realities of home. However, the party has to end sometime but not before a fun cameo. 

As noted by Reton Punch, there's one panel where Toad Baron shows off all the fun being had with various creatures playing the unreleased "Lords of Fighting 3" with Tony Bennett. Sure enough, there's Bennett looking delighted while holding a video game controller, sitting next to a round, fuzzy monster balancing a drink on its knee. It's pure debauchery and a fun way to pay tribute to the legendary singer.

Tony Bennett's TMNT cameo is sheer randomness

Toad Baron's world is meant to be the ultimate distraction. Anyone from throughout reality can pop on by to let loose and forget their troubles, so Tony Bennett's inclusion, while brief, has some delightful ramifications. The scene in question sees Toad Baron talking about all of the things one can do at this party, listing off various things that don't make a ton of sense before finally mentioning how Bennett shows up to play video games at times. It's humorous to think of Bennett jumping through dimensions because he's such a fan of "Lords of Fighting 3. 

It's supposed to be random and how pretty much anything can happen at these parties, but that's not enough for Angel and Alopex. The random jokes and cameos are fun, but there's an emotional core to this issue. Angel and Alopex may have issues they want to forget, but ultimately, that's what's real. Reality is often painful, but it's what we have to contend with. There's nothing wrong with enjoying hobbies to get your mind off things from time to time, but that's no excuse to detach completely. 

That's what Toad Baron has done. The story reveals how he's not devoted to hedonism for hedonism's sake. He throws these lavish parties with crooners on the guest list because he's lonely. He feels the only way he can make friends is by showing off all his stuff, but again, that's no way to live. Bennett passed away at the age of 96 on July 21, so it's safe to say he had a life well-lived. One can only hope he was aware of his brief time in the "TMNT" universe.