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What We Do In The Shadows Season 5 Proves How Dangerous Energy Vampires Are

Contains spoilers for "What We Do in the Shadows" Season 5, Episode 4 — "The Campaign"

Colin Robinson's (Mark Proksch) storylines in "What We Do in the Shadows" tend to revolve either around the various mundane terrors his energy vampirism unleashes upon the world, or the mysterious nature of his apparently quite rare species. Before Season 5, energy vampires have been so few and far between that he, emotional vampire Evie Russell (Vanessa Bayer), Dave Lewis (Nabil Rajo), and a couple of quick cameo characters are the only ones we've seen onscreen. However, "The Campaign" not only marks the return of Evie but also reveals a lot of very, very worrying things about Colin Robinson's kin. 

During Colin Robinson's comptroller campaign, he casually reveals that there are lots of energy vampires in politics. Later, he and Evie are brought in front of the Supreme Council of Energy Vampires, and we discover their affinity for bureaucracy. The implications of these revelations are unnerving. Not only do we find out that the world is surprisingly full of energy vampires, but they're so very, very diverse that virtually every obstructive bureaucrat or annoying personality type you have the misfortune to run across could be one.

Energy vampires are more common and diverse than we thought

Evie and Colin Robinson are both very different energy vampires, but the members of the council truly drive home how many types there are. People who disperse unwanted advice, zone out during important meetings, fail to switch their phone on mute, and even forget the right expression for the thing they're talking about are all represented in the meeting. This seems to suggest that energy vampires can potentially use every imaginable angle of annoyance for feeding ... and gleefully do so, too.

Since there seem to be far more energy vampires than we've known so far, and they can embody pretty much any annoying personality type, this creates some creepy implications since any annoying coworker or government official you meet can potentially be a Colin Robinson, waiting to bore you to submission. While we still don't know just how many of these creatures are out there in the world, "The Campaign" throws a big, worrying curveball at what we thought we knew about the numbers and influence of energy vampires.