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Young Sheldon: The Most Skippable Episode In Season 4

"Young Sheldon" Season 4 features landmark events like Sheldon Cooper's (Iain Armitage) middle school graduation, his transition into higher education at college, and a slew of unforgettable mishaps for the Cooper family. The season also includes a number of memorable guest stars both in front of and behind the camera. However, there is one episode we could do without that results in an entry you'd be better off hitting the "Next" button on.

Season 4, Episode 10 "Cowboy Aerobics and 473 Grease-Free Bolts," features a number of embarrassing sequences that are best avoided by skipping it entirely. In one of the wackiest episodes yet, Georgie (Montana Jordan) whips up an unimaginable scheme to make a quick buck. Inspired by the workout tapes of Richard Simmons, he tries to make his own version with an outlandish outcome.

Meanwhile, Sheldon achieves a new level of annoyance when he continually pesters Dr. Linkletter (Ed Begley Jr.) to be his lab assistant. In this particular episode, the titular scientist showcases his cringy entitlement in a new light, which is an unfortunate consequence of his superior intellect, and recent significant grade jump. The culmination of these storylines even landed "Cowboy Aerobics and 473 Grease-Free Bolts" on the list of worst-rated episodes (so far) on IMDb for the series, proving that it might be best to avoid this one altogether.

A trio of exciting guest stars couldn't save this installment

Whether you're watching "Young Sheldon" for the first time or rewatching to enjoy the early days of the Cooper family, you can safely pass over Season 4, Episode 10. Though it was wonderfully directed by 1990s icon Melissa Joan Hart, the plot is simply absurd, and the final sequence with special guest star David Hasselhoff (as himself) makes it even more ridiculous.

The cringe-worthy zaniness of "Cowboy Aerobics and 473 Grease-Free Bolts," can easily be attributed to the overly dramatic Gene Lundy (Jason Alexander). Georgie mistakenly asks him for help, though Lundy soon takes over the project entirely with his own flashy vision. This gives viewers the outrageous scene with Hasselhoff dancing like a cowboy for a dazzling exercise session. 

As if the subplot wasn't embarrassing enough, Sheldon spends the majority of the episode being a major pain before somehow becoming an even bigger one. He incessantly begs Dr. Linkletter to be his assistant until he finally gives in. However, once the young genius realizes he will be paying his dues through lab cleaning and physical labor, he quickly resigns from the hard-fought position. This also highlights one of his worst qualities that sadly continues in "The Big Bang Theory" through Sheldon's (Jim Parsons) childish actions as an adult.