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Marvel Announces The Apocalyptic Finale Of Marc Spector (And Teases The Next Chapter)

Marvel's cryptic teases about the "Last Days of Moon Knight" have been revealed, with the publisher referring to the newest arc as "The Death of Moon Knight."

In the ongoing "Moon Knight" series from Marvel Comics, Marc Spector is taking on a new Black Spectre. While Moon Knight has been unable to track down who is behind the latest iteration of his classic villain, he's heading on a collision course with the deadly rogue. Moon Knight, Hunter's Moon, and the residents of the Midnight Mission will come together to take on the significant threat coming to kill him. The three-issue arc will set the stage for what's coming next in Jed MacKay and Alessandro Cappucio's acclaimed run on the title with Moon Knight fighting for his own survival. However, Black Spectre isn't just coming to take out Moon Knight and his allies but will try to cause a full-blown apocalypse in the Marvel Universe, setting the stage for one of the vigilante's most important fights to date. 

What is about to happen with Moon Knight?

In "Moon Knight" #25 by Jed MacKay, Alessandro Cappuccio, Rachelle Rosenberg, and VC's Cory Petit, the story sees the rise of a new Black Spectre. The unnamed person behind the villain's mask is revealed to run his own dark version of Moon Knight's Midnight Mission called the Chapel Perilous. While Moon Knight's Midnight Mission protects travelers of the night, Black Spectre offers help from visitors in exchange for their souls. Black Spectre uses a series of former Moon Knight villains to nearly kill the hero before he is unexpectedly saved by one of his rogue agents, Eight-Ball. Despite not killing Moon Knight, Black Spectre causes a prison break and is last seen trying to recruit the wildly unstable Zodiac.

MacKay told Marvel.com that "The Last Days of Moon Knight" has been in the works for some time, dating back over 10+ issues of stories (and obviously long before that with the Black Spectre and Moon Knight's shared history). He described the three-issue arc as the two characters going to war, where Moon Knight will fight for the survival of himself, his city, and the Midnight Mission. Check out the cover for "Moon Knight" #28 by Stephen Segovia featuring Moon Knight, Hunter's Moon, and Black Spector, followed by the issue's text synopsis.

"Running from MOON KNIGHT #28-30, "The Last Days of Moon Knight" will see Moon Knight in a deadly race to intercept the Black Spectre before his apocalyptic schemes bear fruit—but the clock is ticking, and a city hangs in the balance. And when the dust settles, a new vengeance will be born."

Is Marvel really going to kill Moon Knight?

Is Marvel actually going to kill Moon Knight? It's certainly possible. The character has been killed and resurrected on multiple occasions, including most famously in his origin story when he dies in Egypt and is reborn as the Fist of Khonshu. While Marvel hasn't revealed if he will die, doing so would give the publisher a chance to reunite the hero with Khonshu and perhaps put Hunter's Moon in the spotlight in his place. 

Like Ms. Marvel's recent death and upcoming return, Marc Spector likely won't stay long dead if he does reach his demise. Regardless of what happens with Moon Knight, Jed MacKay and Alessandro Cappuccio continuing their excellent run on the hero with the "Last Days of Moon Knight" arc and beyond is welcome news. It will be fascinating to see what Moon Knight's next chapter and how the new beginning will look like when the dust is settled.

The important three-issue arc begins in "Moon Knight" #28, which arrives in comic book stores and online retailers on October 18, 2023.