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The Young Sheldon Season 6 Moment We Could Have Lived Without

As the title character on "Young Sheldon" (Iain Armitage) gets older and more mature, "The Big Bang Theory" prequel series' storylines have naturally followed suit. Season 6 features some of the most harrowing scenes yet as the Cooper family faces numerous unforeseen challenges, but in the most dramatic season yet, one particular moment takes viewers away from gripping developments for a silly exchange we could've easily done without.

In Season 6, Episode 17, "A German Folk Song and an Actual Adult," Sheldon does an odd favor for his twin sister Missy (Raegan Revord), one that diverts attention from the show's more pressing matters. In the episode, Mary (Zoe Perry) finds out about Brenda (Melissa Peterman) and George's (Lance Barber) secret shed conversations, but the drama stalls whenever we return to Sheldon and Missy.

Additionally, Georgie (Montana Jordan) and Mandy (Emily Osment) continue to awkwardly navigate their unconventional relationship as they co-parent their adorable baby, Cece. Mandy's complicated feelings for Georgie come to the surface in this episode, amidst the unnecessary interruptions from Sheldon's "Beverly Hills, 90210" recaps for the grounded Missy.

Sheldon's recaps are a needless detour from the building tension

After Missy's joyride escapade with Paige (Mckenna Grace), her parents have placed her under strict lockdown with the ultimate grounding. For Missy, it comes at the worst possible time because now she's stuck at home with Sheldon during spring break. She's also unable to watch her favorite show, which will undoubtedly get spoiled when she returns to school.

However, Sheldon's completionist ways lead him to watch Missy's show, which works in her favor because now he's able to relay the soap opera's gripping plot to her. Unfortunately, as Missy points out, Sheldon lacks the critical social skills needed to properly understand and analyze the show's subtext in his recap, even when the scenes are accompanied by helpful musical cues. While this is a funny moment shared between the twins, it takes away from essential relationship plots that viewers are far more invested in.

Mandy and Georgie's tumultuous relationship drives the overarching subplot of Season 6 as they prepare for their new baby. It infuses fresh drama into the often inconsequential storyline, propelling "Young Sheldon" into more serious waters. These waters get even darker when George and Mary's relationship seems to hit a rough patch, especially considering "The Big Bang Theory" fans already know about his scandalous future affair.

Though the scenes explore the necessary consequence of Missy's rebellious actions, they steal time from other, more interesting storylines, like Mary finally confronting Brenda. As a result, the pair's honest heart-to-heart is needlessly interrupted by Sheldon and Missy's recap sessions. Though "Beverly Hills, 90210" fans will certainly get a kick out of the nostalgic return to the 1990s' hunky heartthrobs, the exchanges only reiterate character information about the siblings we already know while distracting from other, more suspenseful developments.