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Secret Invasion: Does Episode 4 Hide A Cryptic Hint To The Death Of Nick Fury?

Contains spoilers for "Secret Invasion" Episode 4 — "Beloved"

Things aren't looking too good for Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) after "Secret Invasion" Episode 4. His marriage is in shambles, Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) is presumably dead, and he doesn't seem to have many allies left. As if that weren't bad enough, the episode may have teased that death is knocking on Fury's door, giving the troubled superspy yet another issue to worry about.

Toward the beginning of Episode 4, "Secret Invasion" takes audiences to church, where Fury's wife Priscilla (Charlayne Woodard) meets Rhodey (Don Cheadle). While the two Skrulls discuss Fury's fate, the real tease comes from the choir, whose hymn could signal a tragic end to his story. "Deep River" is an African American spiritual that speaks of freedom and peace centered around an ever-flowing, engulfing river, delivering on its promise through death. According to The Boston Musical Intelligencer, "The words 'deep river' function as neither subject nor object, but as an all-pervading symbol of the transcience of this world, and the promise of deliverance to the next."

When compared to "Deep River," Fury's dire situation in "Secret Invasion" turns cryptic. Not only is he surrounded by death, but he's drowning in the post-Blip world he's returned to, and death could be looming as a path to his freedom. "Secret Invasion" has ripped Fury of any sense of security, and with the walls closing in, his demise may be on the horizon.

Is Nick Fury's time in the MCU almost up?

"Secret Invasion" has made it abundantly clear that Nick Fury is in an overwhelming situation, and Episode 4 only cements that, getting rid of his last reliable ally. It's getting more difficult to envision how he'll make it out of the series alive, let alone end the Skrulls' invasion of Earth. But would Marvel Studios actually kill him off?

We know that Jackson reprises the role in "The Marvels" this November, and assuming the projects occur chronologically, Fury will make it out of the series alive. "Secret Invasion" director Ali Selim has hinted at a larger plan for Fury in "The Marvels," ensuring that he left the character in a position for the movie to pick him up. However, this is Marvel we're talking about, so lying to the press is far from out of the question. Theoretically, "Secret Invasion" could take place after "The Marvels," putting a finite end to Fury's story, but chances are that isn't the case.

"Secret Invasion" using "Deep River" to tease Fury's death could still come to fruition later. Marvel Studios built the MCU on small details that tease more significant events down the line. The choir's rendition of the hymn could even pay off in "The Marvels," ending Fury's story with his next MCU appearance. Outside of the "Captain Marvel" sequel, we don't know when or if Jackson will return to the role. He's reassured fans that he'd come back to Fury whenever Marvel calls him, but those comments could've easily been a distraction from the superspy's impending death.