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Jack Ryan: Greer's Desperation Leads Him To Make His Biggest Mistake

While Jack Ryan (John Krasinski) has been traveling the world, getting all up in the business of cartel leaders and tracking down explosive devices, James Greer (Wendell Pierce) has been tackling an essential job back home — being a decent father. It's something he's struggling to manage. Called in to replace Jack as the right hand of the head of the CIA, Elizabeth Wright (Betty Gabriel), Greer's duty of protecting the nation has unfortunately overtaken attending his son's sports events and just generally being there. It's a work-life balance that literally goes over a bridge following his near-fatal stabbing, leading him to apply desperate measures to get the job done. 

With the clock ticking and lives on the line, what tactics are left for James to put in play to help save the day and weed out the corruption on Capitol Hill? Well, one move In particular, no matter how spectacular "Jack Ryan" Season 4 may be, seems a little far-fetched.

It's okay to acknowledge that the clock has been ticking for everyone, including Greer. That said, surely a line should've been drawn when it comes to actually asking his son to be his chauffeur for the day when the state of the nation is on a knife's edge. This isn't "Bring Your Kid to Work" day, yet Greer Jr. drops his dad off to hold people at gunpoint and be present for an incident he absolutely shouldn't have.

Greer taking his son to a home invasion is a wild call for Jack Ryan

"You're going to see what I do for a living," Greer tells his plucky, new-license-owning son when he heads out of the hospital. Excellent, but don't you think there are other things you could do for the day? Maybe take him to the White House? Introduce him to the President, who you had an abrupt phone chat with the other day that led you to leave his football game? Nope, instead, have him drop you off at an office building where you'll flash a gun at the receptionist to get some information. That'll go down great with the ex-wife, right?

Anything worse? Well, certainly. After that, why not have him be your ride to a specially organized home invasion to capture and interrogate the head of a shady mercenary contractor? Oh, the fun you'll have and the stories you'll definitely be unable to tell your pals at school because this is a strictly classified incident. We get that Greer has been struggling to get the job done, but all he's done is give his son ammo for any future argument they have. Don't want him to stay out past curfew? Well, he didn't want to be parked outside a house listening to you slapping a prime terrorist suspect for information. Don't complain if you only get a pair of socks for Father's Day going forward — and maybe a stab vest.