Who Was The Killer In Scream 6 (And Who Exactly Killed Whom)?

"Scream 6" treats fans to a bloodbath of kills with a surprising number of killers. The end is one of the series' most daring reveals and even pays homage to the original sequel, "Scream 2." In the brutal and unforgettable installment, the sixth entry offers up an impressive number of slayings by some of the most unlikely suspects.

One of the most unique elements of "Scream 6" is that it's the first film to feature three killers, even members of the same psychotic family. This drives the theme of revenge that prompts the killing spree and gifts fans with some of the most memorable deaths in the series. In the very end, after cycling through all the likely candidates, including returning fan-favorite Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere), the Bailey family is revealed to be the trio of Ghostface killers.

Their thirst for vengeance is a direct consequence of Richie's (Jack Quaid) Ghostface escapade, where he teams up with Amber (Mikey Madison) in the preceding fifth film, "Scream (2022)." Both were ultimately killed by the series' veteran final girls and newcomers Sam (Melissa Barrera) and Tara (Jenna Ortega). Richie's remaining family members then stalk the survivors in "Scream 6," who continue the Ghostface tradition of strategically killing without mercy.

With three masked killers cutting up New York City, it can be a bit much to keep track of who killed whom, so we compiled a list of the gruesome crimes from the Ghostface killers in "Scream 6."

Officer Bailey led the charge of his family's retribution

"Scream 6" starts with a jarring opening sequence that wants to take fans by surprise. After Jason (Tony Revolori) savagely executes his film professor Laura (Samara Weaving), he gets a taste of his own medicine. Given the brutality and access needed to get into Jason's apartment, it's safe to say that Detective Bailey (Dermot Mulroney) gives us the first kill by gutting Jason and assuming the role of lead Ghostface killer.

Detective Bailey also leaves Jason a gift by preserving his partner-in-crime. Before his gruesome death, Jason finds Greg's (Thom Newell) severed remains in the refrigerator, which was most certainly put there by the corrupt officer, based on the know-how the heinous act requires. Detective Bailey strikes again soon after when he boldly attacks Sam and Tara with a shotgun at a local NYC shop.

Because of the aggressive force and prowess with guns, this Ghostface was likely the officer in disguise. He also likely killed Sam's therapist Dr. Christopher Stone (Henry Czerny), her alibi for the gruesome murders at the film's beginning. Sam hands his information directly to Detective Bailey, who assumedly went after him and stole her revealing file.

Ethan's shy act hides his true deranged nature

Ethan (Jack Champion) is one of the harder killers to pin down as he has a plausible reason to counter any suspicions. He's consistently questioned by Mindy (Jasmin Savoy Brown), who finds his new presence alarming and one of the hallmarks of a "Scream" killer. It's possible he was either solo or assisting his father when the crew was attacked in the apartment buildings.

The executions are also more inventive than the previous ones, which could point to a different killer. Even though Ethan has a reliable alibi, it could be false, leaving him open to take up the knife. We can even count Quinn (Liana Liberato) out as she faked her death during the harrowing sequence.With that in mind, it's probable that Ethan and his father, Detective Bailey, helped Quinn fake her murder and kill her off-screen boyfriend (played by comedian Tim Robinson in a surprise cameo). 

They also orchestrated the ghastly ladder scene that killed poor Anika (Devyn Nekoda). Because of his solid explanation, it's difficult to say whether Ethan assisted his father or even acted alone in this haunting sequence. However, he was likely the other Ghostface attacking Sam and Tara at the killer's prop palace towards the film's end.

Quinn's fake-out gave us the most surprising reveal

Our last killer is easily one of the most surprising Ghostface killers, especially considering they were believed to have been bloodily executed until the end. Quinn's reveal is even more unexpected because she admitted to her dastardly crimes, including attacking Mindy on the subway. She also audaciously tries to kill "Scream" series veteran Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox), but lucky for fans, she's unsuccessful in her vengeful attempt.

However, Quinn is successful in murdering Gale's new boyfriend, Brooks (Thomas Cadrot), in their spacious New York City apartment. She also helps her brother attack Chad and Tara towards the film's end before meeting a fitting fate. Quinn takes a bullet straight to the head after Tara stabs her brother in self-defense. As the two siblings fall, it leaves only Detective Bailey, who finally meets the wrong end of Sam's knife.

She takes a page from her father, Billy Loomis' (Skeet Ulrich), book by cloaking herself in the iconic Ghostface apparel and hacking the evil detective to pieces. It even tributes "Scream 2," following a parent seeking revenge for their killer son like Billy's mother, Debbie Salt (Laurie Metcalf). Sam's final reveal is a victorious moment that sets up an exciting sequel as she grapples with her inherited dark tendencies.