Star Wars: A Forgotten Yoda Story May Explain The Big Ahsoka Trailer Plot Hole

A new "Ahsoka" trailer shows that even though the Empire is gone, there are still threats to the galaxy. Fortunately, former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) is still around to keep those dangers in line, and she has some help from old friends. The upcoming live-action Disney+ series sees Ahsoka team up with her old "Rebels" crew, including Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo), a Mandalorian warrior who may have some secret skills up her sleeve. 

At one point in the trailer, Sabine refers to Ahsoka as "master," which would make her Ahsoka's Padawan. This is terminology typically reserved for those in tune with the Force, and until now, Sabine hasn't shown many signs of being Force-sensitive. It could be that Sabine is just having some fun at Ahsoka's expense. But what if she has powers previously undisclosed?

A while back on the "Rebels" subreddit, a user pointed out a scene where Sabine is asked when Ezra will arrive. She says he'll be there shortly, and sure enough, he shows up not too long after. There was no way for her to have known that, so could she have used the Force to find Ezra's whereabouts? Combined with the "Ahsoka" trailer scene, it certainly seems possible, and a little-known Yoda story could hold the key to her Force-sensitivity.

Yoda taught a boy how everyone has access to the Force ... if they believe

"Star Wars" has expanded into numerous mediums, including short stories. "Stories of Jedi and Sith" released on June 7, 2022, collecting short stories about characters from the "Star Wars" universe, with the most relevant to Sabine's potential Force-sensitivity being the story "What a Jedi Makes," written by Michael Kogge. In it, Yoda speaks with a young boy who believes that he can never be a Jedi since he doesn't have midi-chlorians. Yoda, being the rascal that he is, guides him through conversation into realizing that midi-chlorians don't make Jedi. The Force flows through everyone, so believing in it enough and training could produce a Jedi. 

Aside from some subtle moments, it's never really seemed like Sabine has had access to the Force. With the proper training from Ahsoka, that could all change. After all, Sabine was still young when the Jedi Order fell. Plus, she's a Mandalorian, who have never really taken kindly to Jedi, so it's possible they would've kept any Force-bearing tendencies hidden so that she didn't train under them. Even if she doesn't become a full-blown Jedi in "Ahsoka," she may become more sensitive to Force energies. 

The "Ahsoka" trailer also shows Sabine wielding a lightsaber, which also doesn't necessarily prove she's in tune with the Force. But it would make for a thrilling moment if she's able to recall the lightsaber during battle using only the Force. It may be Ahsoka's show, but Sabine is clearly going to play a large role in it, so don't be surprised if she undergoes some developments throughout the season.