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Who Plays Lea Dilallo On The Good Doctor?

When "The Good Doctor" made its network premiere in 2017, it did so with a fair amount of fanfare, thanks in no small part to being fronted by rising star Freddie Highmore. Now six seasons, and well north of 100 episodes, into the series run, Highmore continues to give his all in exploring the increasingly complex story of autistic savant Dr. Shaun Murphy. So too do his esteemed castmates, including Richard Schiff, Hill Harper, Fiona Gubelmann, and more. 

On the "more" side of that equation, the actor who portrays Dr. Murphy's former neighbor, eventual best pal, and current wife, Lea Dilallo, is quite high on the list. That actor's name is Paige Spara. She's been a member of the "Good Doctor" cast since its 1st season on the air. Over the course of her own 104-episode run in the role, the actor has helped make Lea more than just a romantic side story in the series' narrative. And given her current status in the oft-complicated life of Shaun Murphy, she'll no doubt continue to be an integral part of the "Good Doctor" story as long as the series is on the air.

Paige Spara has a few impressive credits outside of The Good Doctor

As Lea Dilallo's story continues to expand on "The Good Doctor," Paige Spara continues to showcase her almost uncanny ability to navigate the drama, comedy, and romance inherent to her role with equal impact. Given the way the Murphy family is expanding, those opportunities will likely continue to present themselves to Spara on "The Good Doctor." The same is no doubt true for any other professional endeavors.

Per the actor's IMDb page, however, it seems Spara may be keeping her professional slate clear to focus on Lea's journey. If you do take a peek at Spara's resume, you'll likely be surprised to see a few impressive titles spotting the young actor's oeuvre, including a starring role on the short-lived 2015 ABC Family sitcom "Kevin from Work." That series found "Schitt's Creek" star Noah Reid portraying Kevin, a man who, after accepting a job overseas, confesses his love for longtime co-worker Audrey, with Spara playing the role of Audrey in all 10 episodes of the show before its untimely cancellation.

The actor followed that gig by booking a small role as a bartender in the 2017 Reese Witherspoon comedy "Home Again." And amid her "The Good Doctor" tenure, she still found time to appear opposite Tommy Dewey and Minka Kelly in the 2020 indie "She's in Portland." With "The Good Doctor" continuing to raise Spara's profile in Hollywood circles, it's safe to assume the roles will only get bigger in the foreseeable future.