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Foundation Season 2 Trailer Predicts Humanity's Major Uprising & The Fallout To Come

On July 6, Apple TV+ released a second trailer for the upcoming second season of its sci-fi epic "Foundation." As has become common for major movie and TV trailers nowadays, a rapid montage that serves as a sort of trailer for the trailer kicks off this latest preview footage, providing viewers with a general overview of what to expect in Season 2.

First, this opening montage spotlights the Vault, which remains a mysterious, quasi-supernatural entity throughout much of Season 1 before it's revealed to be a casket for the body of genius scientist Hari Seldon (Jared Harris) that houses his virtual consciousness to help guide human civilization through crises. Then,  protagonist Gaal Dornick (Lou Llobell) appears in an unfamiliar human village as Lee Pace's Brother Day tells an unseen third party that he sees the Foundation — the society emerging on the planet Terminus around the Vault — as a threat.

Finally, clips of a ship exploding in space and a Bishop's Claw — a species of alien beast native to Terminus — attacking someone who appears to be Brother Day tease some of the dangers emerging on multiple fronts in Season 2.

The Foundation and the Empire are going to war

The main portion of the second "Foundation" Season 2 trailer kicks off with footage of Gaal Dornick and what appear to be a series of visions she sees that suggest an oncoming calamity. Then, Gaal tells residents of the human village from the trailer's opening about Hari Seldon and his Foundation project.

This transitions into a clip of Brother Day emerging to address a large gathering, once again describing the Foundation as a threat. One of the trailer's biggest surprises follows, as a hologram of Hari tells Brother Day that he expects they'll win an upcoming war. Fans will simply have to wait for the season's release to learn just why this incarnation of Hari is allied with the Empire.

Then, some noteworthy moments from what looks like that very war follow as text on-screen reads "The Uprising Begins," adding context to a crisis teased in the first "Foundation" Season 2 trailer. Notably, this includes a brief look at a new model of spider-like tank likely under the control of the Empire. Closing the trailer is Gaal rallying the Foundation side of the conflict by asserting that they can win, but only if they believe.

Fans can find out just how this all plays out when "Foundation" Season 2 premieres to Apple TV+ on July 14.