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Jack Ryan's Wendell Pierce Addresses A Possible Future For The Series Beyond Season 4

While Amazon's flagship spy thriller series "Jack Ryan" is ending after the conclusion of its fourth season in mid-July, James Greer actor Wendell Pierce is among those who see the potential for a future spin-off.

Pierce spoke to The Hollywood Reporter at length about his "Jack Ryan" character for a piece the outlet published midway through new episodes of Season 4 airing on Amazon Prime Video. So, while Greer's fate is ultimately undetermined at the time of this interview, Pierce nevertheless fielded a question about whether or not he thinks his character could be the focus of a spin-off that might continue the "Jack Ryan" franchise sans John Krasinski as its lead.

"As a good officer would say, I have no idea," Pierce said, purportedly smiling. "As this CIA officer, I have no idea. But I would hope that the impact of this season is worthy enough for consideration of other incarnations of this story. I think it's great to do; I think it's entertaining. I think it's fascinating, personable and at the same time, its action-filled."

From the sound of it, then, Pierce isn't just open to a spin-off but actively interested in continuing his portrayal of Greer should Amazon decide that keeping the franchise going is in its best interest.

There are already rumors of a Michael Peña-focused spin-off sequel

Around the time the streaming service confirmed that the series would end after Season 4, Amazon detailed further plans for "Jack Ryan" including the addition of Michael Peña as Ding Chavez. As fans of the show's source material are well aware, Chavez is an important character in Tom Clancy's literary "Jack Ryan" universe. Accordingly, the announcement of his casting was accompanied by rumors that Peña will likewise star in a spin-off about Chavez.

Peña addressed these rumors in a July Collider interview, stopping short of confirming that a new series in development, but expressing his interest in reprising his "Jack Ryan" role nevertheless. "It's up to the fans and up to Amazon," he said. "There are a lot of people that have to do certain things, but if people like it, maybe they'll chime in and say, like, 'Hey, we want some more!' So, you know, we leave it in their hands."

For what it's worth, Peña and Pierce have reason to feel optimistic. Citing Nielsen ratings, The Hollywood Reporter reported that "Jack Ryan" Season 3 unseated "Wednesday" as the number one streaming series at the time of its premiere. If Season 4 replicates these big numbers, it stands to reason that Amazon would want more, with or without John Krasinski's involvement.