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Young Sheldon's Raegan Revord Thinks It Makes Sense To Watch The Prequel Series Before TBBT

Prequels represent an intriguing phenomenon. They tell stories of what happened prior to events the audience is already aware of, even though they're coming out after the original project. This means they often depict how characters ended up the way they are and the origins of certain ideologies and catchphrases. "Young Sheldon" has lived up to that standard, showing the early family life of Sheldon Cooper (Iain Armitage).

The series depicts how Sheldon came to be the esoteric individual as audiences know him in "The Big Bang Theory," including why he started saying "Bazinga" all the time. However, it's entirely possible some people haven't watched "The Big Bang Theory" and started this journey with "Young Sheldon." One such person who followed that path is Raegan Revord, who plays Sheldon's younger twin sister Missy.

While speaking with Popternative, the interviewer mentions how some people watched "Young Sheldon" before "The Big Bang Theory," to which Revord responds, "I never watched 'The Big Bang,' but I do think that would be cool because it's like you kind of get to see —," and the interviewer mentions how you can see where it all started. It's a different way to locate Easter eggs and pick up on things in "Big Bang Theory" one wouldn't notice otherwise.

The debate between chronological order vs. release order continues

For years, fans have debated whether to watch everything from "Star Wars" to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the order in which projects were released or in chronological order based on the franchise's internal timeline. There are pros and cons to each viewing method, and "The Big Bang Theory" timeline is no different. Watching "Big Bang Theory" first means fans are aware of the characters' quirks and can see where they manifested in "Young Sheldon." For example, Sheldon's catchphrase, "Bazinga," seems nonsensical at first, but in "Young Sheldon," it's revealed that a novelty company had the slogan, "If it's funny, it's a bazinga." 

It's really all a matter of the order in which a viewer receives information, and Raegan Revord is fully on board with people getting the origin story first. She went on to say, "It's like watching 'The Hobbit' before 'Lord of the Rings.'" With that method, fans see what Bilbo was like before he's introduced in "The Fellowship of the Ring." It's purely a matter of personal preference, but of course, if someone's a fan of a particular series, there's a good chance they'll simply watch things in the order they come out. 

Regardless, having hundreds of episodes to get through of any given story can seem daunting. Whether someone begins with "Young Sheldon" or "Big Bang Theory," the important thing is that they simply begin.