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The Witcher S3: Who Plays Vespula & Why Is She Important In The Games?

Warning: This post contains minor spoilers for "The Witcher" Season 3, Volume 1

"The Witcher" Season 3, Volume 1 is out, and with it comes a slew of new characters that fans of the video game series will recognize. Prince Radovid (Hugh Skinner) finally makes his introduction to the Netflix series, playing a pivotal role in the season, and fans also get to see more of Jaskier's (Joey Batey) fling with Vespula, who is played by Beau Holland. Although "The Witcher" is Holland's most notable work to date, she delivers a performance worthy of any bard on The Continent.

Unfortunately, things don't look good for Vespula and Jaskier long-term, regardless of the medium. Netflix's "The Witcher" introduces audiences to Vespula as she's yelling at Jaskier and throwing numerous objects at him off the balcony, with the bard standing below pleading his case. The series makes it clear that this isn't Jaskier's first strike, as Vespula states she's looked past him gawking at other men, women, dwarves, elves, and other supernatural species. While she always takes him back, their relationship is little more than a fling, giving both participants some fun and someone to confide in.

The two have a similar relationship in the books, which shouldn't be a surprise as it's the source material "The Witcher" is adapting. Vespula also plays a role in the video game series, although you can probably guess how it ends.

Vespula remains a bard's former lover

Ciri's surprising return to The Continent, and Geralt trying to find her, is the driving force behind CD Projekt Red's critically-acclaimed video game, "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt." In his search for his daughter-like ward, Geralt learns that she contacted their longtime friend Dandelion (the Netflix series opted to use the character's Polish name, Jaskier).

Geralt's search for Dandelion leads him to Novigrad and a long list of women the bard has been fooling around with. When Geralt finds Vespula, he fights off a group of thugs harassing her, asking her about Dandelion afterward. While grateful that Geralt rescued her, her attitude immediately shifts when he mentions the bard's name. Vespula reveals that she and Dandelion were in a relationship, and he promised her they'd be together forever. However, not long after, she saw him with another woman, leading her to kick him out and develop a deep resentment for the bard.

Although she's only a side character in "The Witcher 3," Vespula's information eventually leads Geralt to Dandelion, ultimately leading him to Ciri. Her role in Netflix's "The Witcher" seems to be fractionally larger, but if Vespula returns for future episodes, we could see her and Jaskier have a nasty, permanent breakup.