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Netflix's Skull Island: How To Watch The First Full Episode For Free

The newest installment of Legendary's MonsterVerse, "Skull Island," brings the big-screen action of the monster-centric franchise to the small screen for the first time. Set in the 1990s, the show follows an expedition team that finds itself shipwrecked on the titular island, where deadly monsters run amok. The members of the team must use their wits to survive treachery of the monster and human variety, all while coming face-to-face with the land's undisputed ruler, the mighty Kong. For those who may be hesitant to give the series a shot, there's an easy way to watch the first episode in its entirety for free. 

The first season of "Skull Island," which consists of eight episodes, is available on Netflix, but the first full episode is also accessible for viewing on YouTube. The episode, titled "Maritime Pilot," introduces the lead characters, Charlie (Nicolas Cantu) and Mike (Darren Barnet), who, while on an ocean hunt alongside their fathers, come across the castaway Annie (Mae Whitman), who warns them of impending dangers. After their ship is attacked by a tentacled monster, they find themselves washed up on a mysterious island, which may give them more than they bargained for. 

Viewing the full episode of "Skull Island" on YouTube provides a risk-free option, perfect for those unfamiliar with the MonsterVerse to gauge whether the show is worth their time. And if that's still not enough, the show's creative team ensures that the series has plenty of surprises in store. 

The creators of Skull Island believe the show offers plenty for old and new fans

Having been a movie icon for over 90 years, it's hard to find anyone who's unaware of King Kong's massive footprint on the pop culture landscape. However, for those still unfamiliar with the character or his recent exploits in the MonsterVerse, the team behind Netflix's "Skull Island" believes that the show provides a rich experience for old and new fans alike. 

Executive producer Jacob Robinson sat down with But Why Tho to talk about "Skull Island." While discussing what he hopes for viewers to take away from the show, he stated that the standout tone and feel of the series offer an experience that all audience members can enjoy. "I hope that it exposes a new audience to the MonsterVerse and gets them excited," he told the site. "I hope for existing fans, it feels like it's an enrichment ... being able to have some of those quieter moments, is something that is hard to come by in the MonsterVerse when you're trying to pack so much story into two hours ... we just have more real estate. So I hope that's where fans connect, and also just get the tone ... having that is something that feels pretty unique." Robinson specifically notes that their exploration of Kong's character is an exciting addition to offer newcomers. 

While a second season has yet to be announced, the "Skull Island" team has already written new episodes that feature Charlie and Annie's high school escapades.