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Whatever Happened To Bello Verde After Shark Tank?

Entrepreneur Joseph Chay failed to nab an investor on "Shark Tank" for his men's custom fit company, Bello Verde, despite his energetic presentation. Thankfully, it seems that Chay has found ways to both maintain his plans while continuing to find new avenues for his company. 

Chay's "Shark Tank" appearance managed to boost the company's popularity by a significant margin. In a short period of time, Bello Verde saw its appointment requests increase from only two to three a day to up to 30. Despite their increased success, the company chose to largely abandon its original business model of solely providing custom fittings. While the website continues to advertise its specific process for custom fitting its clients, the team has also expanded to wholesale opportunities, with the aim of providing support to individuals seeking to build their own clothing brands. On top of this, they sell accessories such as belts, shoes, and cufflinks through their sister company Astor and Black. Annual revenue for Bello Verde is estimated to be between $2 and $3 million, with an estimated net worth of $3 million. 

Despite these additions, Bello Verde has had a difficult time impressing customers. On Google, its 2.2 rating average based on nine reviews largely stems from their allegedly disappointing customer service and general lack of quality. This and their absence on social media since a Twitter post in 2019 doesn't paint the brightest picture for Bello Verde in recent years. But if his "Shark Tank" appearance proves anything, it's that Chay is not a quitter. 

Chay's energy didn't translate to the sharks

Joseph Chay's passion for fusing men's fashion and business took on a new life after stepping down as the chief operating officer of Astor and Black to start his own company, Bello Verde. Chay aimed to ditch the traditional storefront method of custom fitting, instead bringing a talented team of master tailors and designers directly to the customer to measure them out in minute detail. Later, when Astor and Black filed for bankruptcy in 2014, Chay acquired the company for $405,000 along with $1 million worth of its expansive clothing inventory. 

During his appearance in Season 6 of "Shark Tank," Chay seeks $360,000 for 6% equity. He also brings along two accomplished athletes — UFC fighter Urijah Faber and "Lois & Clark" star Dean Cain, who was a college football star before becoming an actor. They vouch for Bello Verde's usefulness and Chay's styling sensibilities. Chay energetically explains his plans for additional revenue streams involving online sales and algorithms to better determine sizing options. The sharks are barely able to keep up with Chay's zestful presentation, while also failing to make sense of his reasoning to have two businesses. Many of them drop out, citing high competition and Chay's outrageous valuation as their primary reasons for not going any further. 

The only shark willing to make an offer is Daymond John. The fashion guru offers $360,000 for 33%. However, Chay is only willing to go as high as 8% as his counter. After Daymond's final offer of 25% is turned down, Chay and company leave without a shark.