The New Superman: Legacy Casting Has The Internet Fired Up

Ever since "Superman: Legacy" was announced, there has been fierce speculation surrounding who would be cast in the roles and how filmmaker James Gunn would handle this fresh new take on the iconic character. Though we don't have much to go on so far for the project, we do know that the film is set to be released on July 11, 2025, making it still roughly two years off.

Still, that hasn't stopped the debate among fans over who will be donning the red cape and tights in "Superman: Legacy," and also who will be showing up as Lois Lane, Clark Kent's fellow reporter and love interest. Now the speculation can finally come to an end, as the two main stars of the film have just been announced.

David Corenswet is set to take on the main double role as Superman/Clark Kent, and Rachel Brosnahan is stepping into the shoes of plucky, sarcastic reporter Lois Lane. Gunn confirmed the casting on Twitter, saying of the two stars, "Accurate! (They are not only both incredible actors but also wonderful people)."

"Incredible castings! @JamesGunn, this is the way!" tweeted @RobertGarcia. "There's no better way to kick off the new DCU than with Superman."

Fans seem to be very positive about David Corenswet as Superman

David Corenswet has been seen most recently as the unnamed projectionist and love interest to Mia Goth's titular character in Ti West's "Pearl," a role where he definitely has Superman's trademark charm. Corenswet was also in all six episodes of the HBO mini-series, "We Own This City," where he played David McDougal.

Being that the actor also looks the part, it's no surprise really that fans have been so positive about his casting in "Superman: Legacy." "Amazing, James! Both of my desired picks land the role! Can't wait to see what you and the crew put together!" tweeted @TheFFrealist in response to the casting news. Meanwhile, @eavoss pointed out specifically why he thinks Corenswet is the perfect man for the job in "Superman: Legacy." "I broke down why David Corenswet was at the top of the list and why Juilliard-trained American wholesomeness is something the franchise values," he explained, endorsing the casting whole-heartedly.

Though Corenswet is a lesser-known entity as a performer, even those who don't know his work well seem to support his casting. "Welcome aboard, king," wrote @ArkhamNumb in response to the announcement. "This is absolutely great casting. SUPERMAN: LEGACY is off to a great start," agreed @Danimalish.

Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane looks like a great fit, as well

As for Rachel Brosnahan, who's set to play Lois Lane, fans may be more familiar with her work, especially if they've watched a certain critical darling television series. Brosnahan starred in "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" as the titular character, Miriam Maisel. The well-received series recently concluded on Prime Video, marking 2023 as a pretty big year for the star.

"I don't know who that guy is, but kudos on Rachel! She was made for that role," tweeted @SherandtheCity, endorsing Brosnahan's casting. @KevinTalks12 seemed to be even more excited by the news, tweeting, "Rachel is a phenomenal actress from Marvelous Ms. Maisel. Both great actors. Can't wait for Superman Legacy. DCU LFG!"

@wondermann5 also weighed in on Brosnahan's casting, even going as far as to compare her to arguably our most iconic Lois Lane yet. "Rachel Brosnahan is giving Margot Kidder vibes, and I'm here for it," they wrote. 

Well, if the collective response across social media to the casting of our new Superman and Lois Lane in "Superman: Legacy" is any indication, it looks like fans are overall pretty happy with the news.