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Mad Men: What Happened To Joan's Christina Hendricks After The Show?

While many popular drama series can boast of taking the careers of their performers to the next level, few have succeeded as profoundly in this regard as "Mad Men" has. Not only did the AMC period piece help to make stars out of Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss, but it also brought Christina Hendricks into the limelight as well.

Though Hendricks had been acting professionally since 1997 and had scored memorable roles on shows like "E.R." and "Firefly," her long stint on "Mad Men" blew her up into a household name. During her time on the show, from 2007 to 2015, she appeared in movies like Greg Berlanti's comedy "Life as We Know It," and Nicolas Winding Refn's blistering thriller "Drive."

Still, Hendricks hasn't been resting on her laurels after her time as Joan Harris on "Mad Men." In fact, almost directly after, she voiced Unity on "Rick and Morty," a character who could be argued as the love of Rick's (Justin Roiland) life, considering how dark things get for him after they break up.

Christina Hendricks has had a robust acting career since Mad Men

Shortly after that, Christina Hendricks was already onto even bigger things. In 2016, she reunited with Nicolas Winding Refn for "The Neon Demon," a movie that is arguably even more disturbing than "Drive." Hendricks played Roberta Hoffmann, the owner of a modeling agency who signs Jesse (Elle Fanning) early on in the film and helps take her career to the next level. The film served as a reunion for Fanning and Hendricks as well, as the two had previously shared the screen in "Ginger & Rosa."

The performer also had a prominent role in the Mark Waters-directed adult comedy "Bad Santa 2," where she played Diane, the love interest of Willie (Billy Bob Thornton) in the sequel. Furthermore, she showed up in a couple of other prominent sequels in the following years — "The Strangers: Prey at Night," where she played protagonist and survivor Cindy, and "Toy Story 4," where she took on the role of the main villain, Gabby Gabby. 

Christina Hendricks has starred in a few TV shows too

However, the place that you've been most likely seeing and hearing from Christina Hendricks over the last few years is back on the small screen. She once again took on an antagonistic role in the Sky series "Tin Star," where she played the part of ruthless energy executive Elizabeth Bradshaw for the first two seasons.

From there, Hendricks made the jump to the starring role in the NBC crime dramedy "Good Girls." The performer played Beth Boland, the ring leader of a trio of suburban moms who become criminals due to financial stressors. Unfortunately, while the show was well-reviewed for the entirety of its run, NBC canceled the series after four seasons.

Since then, Hendricks has returned to voice acting. The "Mad Men" star played Cherie for 10 episodes of the animated comedy series "Solar Opposites" and Roxanne Ryder in Netflix's "Agent Elvis," with both characters even sharing her iconic, shoulder-length red hair.