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Christina Hendricks Is A Menacing Oil Tycoon In Tin Star Trailer

Amazon is getting into the oil business– sort of. The company released the first trailer Wednesday for their upcoming drama Tin Star, which deals with the violent problems brought into a small town after the introduction of a new oil refinery. (via Entertainment Weekly)

The show stars Lie to Me's Tim Roth as Jim Worth, a recovering alcoholic and former big city detective who moves his family to the small town of Little Bear in the Canadian Rockies, looking for a calmer life. Worth's new job as the local police chief is complicated after Christina Hendricks' Elizabeth Bradshaw brings in a new oil refinery, which comes with drugs, gambling, prostitution, and organized crime.

"North Stream chose this site because it is the perfect nexus for oil sands petroleum into the U.S.," Bradshaw says at the start of the trailer. This comment seems to immediately draw pause from Worth, who looks suspicious. However, his meddling might not be received well by the townspeople, with one man saying, "You just rolled in here. You weren't born here, you weren't raised here."

"You may well have a personal opinion about our use of the road, but you're powerless to stop it," Bradshaw tells Worth, who responds that they'll have to see who comes out on top. The trailer quickly shows that this goes beyond just words, with Worth finding a dead body and revealing to his wife that he thinks that the oil company is responsible. 

"Your only hope is to cooperate fully with North Stream Oil," Worth is told. Bradshaw adds that she is being asked to destroy Worth's family, a mission which Worth isn't willing to let happen. With his family caught up in the mess, Worth unleashes his "menacing" and "unpredictable" alter ego Jack to take down his foes, as shown by a few different action scenes throughout the trailer. The trailer ends with Worth and his daughter in a car, with a man pointing a gun at them– and then firing. 

Abigail Lawrie, Oliver Coopersmith, Christopher Heyerdahl, Stephen Walters, Ian Puleston-Davies, Roark Critchlow, Sarah Podemski, Ryan Kennedy, and Kevin Hanchard also feature in Tin Star, which comes from 28 Weeks Laters' Rowan Joffe. The show's ten episodes are set to premiere on Amazon on Sept. 29. For now, see some hidden gems you may be missing on Amazon Prime Instant Video.