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The Ending Of Fake Profile Explained

Long before streaming media was even a glint in Netflix's eye, people were hooked on dramas; the wilder and wackier, the better. Telenovelas and soaps are the original binge-able media, and "Fake Profile" draws on all the powers of its prurient predecessors to create a series as memorable as any affair of the heart that ends with multiple double-crosses, showdowns, and secret sibling reveals.

"Fake Profile" combines the twists and turns of throwback nighttime soaps like "Revenge" and "The OC" with scenes so steamy they would make the cast of "Bridgerton" blush. The show uses stunning locations, scoundrels, and schemes to keep viewers and characters gasping — not to mention scratching their perfectly coiffed, miraculously death-defying heads.

"Fake Profile" (aka "Perfil Falso") is giving camp, it's giving romance, it's giving intrigue — and it's giving a lot. So assume your favorite identity, deactivate the security cameras you know about, set up your most sinister charcuterie board, and join us by the pool as we unravel Red Velvet's spoiler-filled web, and get into the ending of "Fake Profile" explained.

What you need to remember about the plot of Fake Profile

Sweet Vegas showgirl Camila and rich, handsome Colombian surgeon Fernando have matched on a dating app. They're about to meet each other for their first in-person date after 11 days of flirting over the phone. It goes well (like, almost X-rated well), and the two embark on four months of long-distance love — and lies!

Fernando is actually Miguel, a businessman hiding his true identity from Camila because he is unhappily married, with children. When Camila discovers her new love's secret after whisking herself to Cartagena for a surprise visit, she does what any heartbroken person would do in her situation: rents a house next door to Miguel, asks her cute cab driver to pose as her husband, has her belongings shipped from Vegas to Colombia, and promptly befriends Miguel's friends and family.

Why, you might ask? Because Camila wants to know what made Miguel lie to her about his life and if he was lying to her about his love. And, honestly, she still wants Miguel. Plus, as the many flashbacks woven into "Fake Profile" reveal, Camila is also on Miguel's father-in-law Pedro's payroll. Pedro has his own reasons for wanting his son and Camila to be together, and will pay Camila handsomely for her (very vaguely defined) disruptive services. Everyone is double-crossing their "loved" ones in "Fake Profile" — for love, for power, and definitely for revenge.

What happens at the end of Fake Profile?

The real question here is, what doesn't happen? The finale begins by asking us to believe Miguel is following his estranged wife Angela's orders to bury Camila after Angela accidentally killed her in a death-by-pool fight. Of course, Camila is still alive. Camila and Miguel hatch a plan as Miguel wraps her up in a carpet. Miguel stashes Camila in a safe house on the beach while he goes home to make Angela confess to the murder.

Angela says "no thanks," and instead tells Miguel they're stuck together forever. The two argue and get into a car wreck. Angela escapes, but when the car explodes, she conveniently leaves her troublesome husband behind to roast in the flames of his own infidelity. But Camila and Miguel survive and team up to get Angela to confess, and understand Papa Pedro's role in her misery.

Instead, Angela shoots at Camila and Miguel. Angela accidentally deals a fatal hit to Pedro. Pedro dies, but not before revealing his son Adrian's boyfriend is really his half-brother, and that he used Inti and Camila to try and break up his children's relationships. Angela goes to prison, David helps Camila escape Tina, Camila returns to Vegas a rich woman able to pay a lawyer to get her mom out of prison, cab driver David is Camila's new boyfriend, and Miguel watches Camila do physical therapy and dance in Vegas, presumably still loving her from afar.

Why did Pedro orchestrate this?

Papa Pedro is the extra-manipulative Logan Roy of the Ferrer family, and he goes to great lengths to split up his kids from their partners. Pedro is dying of cancer, and he has to put his foot on the bad-plans gas if he wants to protect his kids' hearts and his own wealth. They say you can't take it with you, but Pedro refuses to leave it — or anything — behind for his enemies.

Pedro's enemy numero uno is Miguel, the gold-digging philanderer married to his daughter Angela. Pedro is protective of his daughter, to the extent that he spies on his son's affairs and pays Camila a handsome sum to lure Miguel away from Angela for good. Why does Pedro feel the need to work so hard at splitting Angela and Miguel up when they more than seem up for the task on their own? That doesn't really get answered by the end of "Fake Profile," except for the fact that Pedro is alluded to being a mobster. Maybe Pedro is a little more like Tony Soprano than Logan Roy.

Pedro also pays Inti to come between Adrian and Cristobal. Does it make sense that Pedro would wait 5 years before intervening in his son's unwitting romantic relationship with his own half-brother? No. Do Pedro's dastardly means achieve his ends? Yes, even though Pedro pays with cold hard cash — and his life — for the win.

Why did Camila take Pedro's bait?

Camila's motivations for moving in next to the man who catfished her (in a foreign country, no less) are more than a little wobbly. At first, Camila's choice to stake out Miguel seems like a desperate (and expensive) cry for closure. Some people prowl around their ex's social media to divine details about their lives, others move in next door under false pretenses. But in the finale of "Fake Profile," Camila's full rationale for taking Pedro's money is made clear.

Camila isn't just interested in revenge against Miguel, closure with him, or even a few more ill-advised rolls in the hay (or champagne-soaked beach). Camila has a mom who's in jail, and whom she can't get out without a lawyer. "Lawyers are for rich people," Camila's mom explains to her in a particularly disorienting flashback. Camila solves her mom's problem by becoming a rich person herself — by taking Pedro and Tina up on their double-crossing little offer.

Camila really gets her bag at the end of "Fake Profile." While she does contribute to Miguel and Angela splitting up, she also tries to save Angela from her father's manipulations. Camila gets some closure, a new boyfriend, money to get her mom out of jail for killing her abusive husband — and enough to pay for her own physical therapy back home in Vegas. Red Velvet stays thriving.

What's the deal with Inti?

Forget the seemingly central characters, Inti is the romantic catnip of "Fake Profile" — and this kitty has claws. At first, Inti is merely a doe-eyed waiter with a crush on Adrian Ferrer. By the end, Inti has broken Adrian and Cristobal up using the powers of deception, secret cameras, and his own body. While Inti seems plenty into Adrian, his true affections are for Adrian's sister, Angela.

Angela used to be a client of Inti's back when he was working as a high-class call boy. Now, she's his mistress, and only discovers Inti is sleeping with her brother at the end of "False Profile." She learns this information perhaps the worst way one can: when Pedro catches her and Inti in bed together, watches for a quick sec, then drops the bomb on her that she's sleeping with someone he hired to destroy her brother's relationship with his own secret half-brother. Talk about killing the mood.

Not much is known about Inti. He has a sick mother somewhere, he's down for a good time on land or sea, and he's downright diabolical. When Adrian decides he doesn't want to be with Inti, Inti vows Adrian will rue the day he sent him away. Adrian better sleep with one eye open. One thing is for sure about Inti — he owns even more spy cameras than Miguel's angry son, Lucas.

What's up with Tina?

Pedro Ferrer can't do bad all by himself, which is why he employs his trusty red-headed minion, Tina. Tina is Pedro's right-hand woman, and seems to orchestrate many deaths and betrayals on his behalf. She's the one who goes to Vegas to reveal to Camila that "Fernando," aka Miguel, is playing her. Tina's the one who talks Camila into working for Pedro.

Pedro may wheel and deal when it comes to real estate and vague mobster activity, but Tina is the one who does the dirty work. That dirty work comes back to haunt Tina at the end of "Fake Profile." At Angela's promotion party at the golf course, Tina gets scooped up by the authorities. But who called them?

It's implied that Camila phoned a friend on the force to tip them off about Tina. Fair enough — Tina did find an almost-dead Camila at the beach house after her escape from Angela, and instead of helping Camila, Tina tied Camila up and left her to starve to death. Normally, Tina takes care of business — but her unfinished business just might have finished her.

Who is actually dead at the end?

Camila may win the award for most death-defying member of the "Fake Profile" cast of characters, but her man Miguel is a close second. Camila escapes death multiple times in the series, most notably from Vicente and Angela. Camila gives Vicente the slip by literally jumping out of a moving car. Camila escapes Angela in an equally daring but even more creative way: She stabs her with a knife from Angela's poolside charcuterie board.

Angela thinks she kills Camila when Camila falls onto a heavy rock, but — surprise — Camila survives that too. Camila also survives leaping from a window with Miguel to escape Angela's wild shots, and even survives Tina's attempt to kill her via starvation. Miguel, on the other hand, survives the car crash fireball with nary a scratch on his model-perfect face. So who the heck gets dead and stays dead in this show?

Vincent, Camila's stalker ex, gets merced by Tina for messing with her and Pedro Ferrer's plans. Speaking of, Pedro also meets his end at the end of "Fake Profile." In soap operatic dramatic irony, the man who would stop at nothing to "protect" his daughter is struck down by her own poorly aimed hand.

Cristobal's biological bombshell

Blink and you'll miss the absolutely audacious reason Pedro wants to break up Adrian and Cristobal. While Pedro's motivation to take down cheatin' gold-digger Miguel is always fairly clear, it isn't so obvious why he wants Adrian and Cristobal to split. But worry not, Pedro blurts this key information out quickly at the end of "Fake Profile."

It's revealed that Pedro, a known jerk, drove his wife away with his jerkiness for a time, back when Adrian and Angela were kids. Their mom ended up having a baby with another man — and that baby was Cristobal. Cristobal and Adrian have no idea that they're related, and engage in a relationship that lasts five years. A relationship, we might add, that seems rock-solid until it is shattered by Inti's precise attack on Cristobal's character.

Inti uses Cristobal's history with substances against him, exploits the romantic activity Cristobal had when he and Adrian were on a break, plants drugs on Cristobal, and makes an illicit OnlyFans account starring Cristobal, without his knowledge or consent. Cristobal gets such a raw deal from Inti, but almost none of it stacks up to the fact that he's actually Adrian's half-brother. Why didn't anyone shout this fact out when these poor guys first met?

Why David went along with Camila

If you were cheering for this cab driver-turned-fake-husband to become Camila's real love interest all season, you were rewarded at the end of "Fake Profile" — kind of. Right off the bat, David seems like a better fit for Camila than Fernando/Miguel (Miguel lying about his identity, wife, and children aside).

David is funny, helpful, kind, and cute in casual clothes and formal wear. Plus, he takes care of Camila when she needs him, but doesn't force a relationship or requirements on her. Also, he calls shenanigans when he sees them, and doing so helps him find her after she escapes Tina's clutches.

David also commits to the bit. When Camila asks her to be her fake husband, he agrees. He wants to help her, and his heart is pure. He only falls for Camila after they share many increasingly intricate fake relationship moments. David is a stand-up guy, and in the end, he's the one Camila chooses to be her boyfriend. David cheers Camila on during her physical therapy and her absolutely bizarre showgirl dancing. Sure, Miguel is watching him over his shoulder. But other than the other guy still being in the picture in what honestly seems like a super creepy way, David gets a happy ending.

Whom does Miguel love?

Miguel is a mind-bending main character of "Fake Profile," and the character whose "fake profile" kicks off the narrative of the show. He's also all over the map emotionally and motivationally. So where does he truly end the season?

Miguel loves both his kids, even if only one of them loves him back. He also has a lot of love for his wife, before, during, and even after she seemingly kills his mistress. Miguel is also admittedly lusting after Camila, but his fixation on their physical connection gives way to what seems like it could be a deeper bond. It's a bond Miguel is extra thirsty for because, as he reveals to Camila and Angela, he's been unhappy and lonely for a long time. It's been a problem, along with his cheating. We get the sense that Miguel does scummy things because he in fact feels scummy, and that he is more a man struggling with himself than he is a happy-go-lucky man-harlot.

While Miguel alternates trying to save his marriage with trying to build a relationship with Camila, his refusal to take the blame for Camila's "death" and his demand that Angela confess to killing her — and Angela's refusal to do so — seal his fate. Miguel ends "Fake Profile" with heart eyes for Camila. This could speak to Miguel discovering a deeper, respectful platonic love for his tiny dancer — or a new obsession to fuel the drama of "Fake Profile" season 2.

What about the children?

Lucas Ferrer is clearly a burgeoning stalker and his sister Eva is oblivious to her brother's (and father's, and mother's) misdeeds. But what happened to Miguel and Angela's kids at the end of "Fake Profile"?

Lucas turned in his spy cameras, but refused to let of his hatred for Miguel. While Lucas did not yet discover that his Mom cheats just as hard as his dad, Lucas is likely going to be even more devastated (and dastardly) when he has to deal with Angela being locked up for her crimes against Camila, and her accidental killing of Pedro.

Eva ends the season as oblivious as she started it, leaving her character wide open for a Season 2 revenge arc. Her Mom is facing jail time, her grandpa is dead, and her beloved father is still out making eyes at Camila in Vegas. Sorry, Miguel and Camila, but the kids aren't alright, and you two should be very worried. Greek tragedy telenovela, here we come.

What did Angela do and why?

Who among us has not been tempted to fight our husband's lover with naught but our wits and some bits of landscaping? The difference between Angela and the rest of the world is that she is a telenovela character. It is her sworn duty to do the messiest thing at the messiest time, and in the ending of "Fake Profile," that means blackmailing her husband into burying his lover at sea.

Angela is deeply wounded by her husband's repeated cheating, and the very end of the "Fake Profile" Season 1 finale gets that wound good and infected. Angela vows to seek revenge against Miguel and Camila, and viewers get a solid sense that she blames the two former (?) lovebirds for getting her hot and bothered enough to accidentally shoot her own father. Now those clowns are going to come even more between her and her children.

Angela is going to rock some serious Taylor Swift in the clink. We're talking "Reputation" and any and all tracks about revenge. Season 2 is going to be scary for Miguel and Camila, and honestly, Inti. Angela is fierce already, but can you imagine her after three solid months of repeat playing "Look What You Made Me Do"?

Camila's story

Camila started the journey of "Fake Profile" looking for a love that turned out to be too good to be true, but also true enough that it saved her life. While Miguel started the season feeling insecure and grumpy enough about his life to make a fake dating profile, Camila started it thirsty for a picture-perfect love represented both by that perfect profile, and the too-perfect relationship that came out of it.

If Camila kicked the show off thinking it was okay to get ditched by her dream guy on occasion, she ended it knowing no man worth his salt would skip her chilaquiles night. Camila started the show off wanting to be saved by some magical lover, and she ended it saving herself and said magical lover from his semi-murderous wife. Camila also saves her mom from her wrongful imprisonment. She also chooses David, the sweeter and more standup guy of her two options, in what might be a show of growth, self-respect, and/or genuine attraction.

The final shots of Camila (not counting David staring lovingly at her or Miguel staring wistfully at her) are of Camila relearning to walk, and then dancing her sparkly heart out. In a show where the twists and turns run as hot as the emotions, Camila's arc is one to cheer for. Camila has always been a survivor, but at the end of "Fake Profile," she knows and celebrates it.

What does it all mean?

So much story has assaulted the characters and viewers of "Fake Profile" by the end of Season 1, it's easy to forget the whole show started with, well, a fake profile. While the show starts with a vague hint of the stranger danger involved with dating apps, the emphasis lies less on the catfish of it all, and more on the fact that everyone lies about themselves — and to themselves — when it comes to life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

Miguel and Pedro do mental gymnastics in order to justify how far they will each go for love of family, of self, and (in Miguel's case) of Camila. Both men lie through their teeth to the people they love most. Miguel's vague unhappiness is clearly tied to these lies, even though he can't seem to help but follow his obsessions and fake profiles into the world.

Camila's metaphorical fake profile is her Red Velvet persona. She might be a super-dancer named after a cupcake, but that's just the glittery armor protecting her sweet and vulnerable soul. Camila is capable of living a double life and is maybe even better at it than Miguel. She even deceives the audience about her real story, until all is revealed at the end of "Fake Profile." Perhaps this duality will be explored more in "Fake Profile" Season 2, which Netflix confirms is underway, via Twitter. Perhaps the next season's focus will be less on lies and more on revenge, obsession, or — dare we dream — David taking a page out of Camila's book and learning to dance for a "Magic Mike"-style revue?