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The Black Mirror Episode That Was Written By Succession's Jesse Armstrong

"Black Mirror" is already on its sixth season, so it might be tough to remember much about its previous seasons. Fans of the dystopian series created by Charlie Brooker have also experienced a small amount of whiplash as the show once moved from a British channel to a major streamer — and this wildly popular episode, which was written by one of TV's biggest showrunners, actually originally aired on Channel 4 in the UK. That would be the series' third ever episode, 2011's "The Entire History of You."

Eventual "Doctor Who" star Jodie Whitaker leads this installment alongside Toby Kebbell ("Kong: Skull Island" and "Servant"), with the two playing a couple whose marriage is broken apart by new technology. "Black Mirror" is all about how modern tech can steer people wrong, and this is definitely the case in "The Entire History of You," where the couple's secrets, stored in brain implants that can share memories with yourself or others, range from a bad performance review at work to marital infidelity. The episode is dark, thought-provoking, and largely regarded as one of its best — Robert Downey Jr. even optioned it for a future feature film, actually — so it probably won't surprise you that the scribe behind it is none other than Jesse Armstrong, the genius behind "Succession."

Jesse Armstrong is the writer behind this incredible Black Mirror episode

Yes, that's right — the twisted mind behind HBO's smash hit "Succession" is also responsible for the outright pathos found in "The Entire History of You." Armstrong, who also worked on popular British shows like "Peep Show" and "Fresh Meat," teamed up with creator Brooker and director Brian Welsh for the episode, but it remains the only one he's written for the series.

In 2017, six years after working on "The Entire History of You," Armstrong paired up with Adam McKay and Will Ferrell — obviously before the famous pair's creative split — to work on "Succession," and he became one of the most celebrated minds in television as a result. The delightfully nasty story of the uber-rich Roy family, led by veteran actor Brian Cox as its evil patriarch Logan, might not seem like a fun romp at first, but thanks to Armstrong's sharp sensibilities, it also marked itself as one of the funniest shows on television before coming to a celebrated conclusion in 2023.

Maybe Jesse Armstrong will return to the "Black Mirror" fold eventually, and maybe he won't — but if he doesn't, he can rest on his laurels after writing "The Entire History of You."