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Extraction 3 Is Officially In The Works At Netflix

Get ready for more "Extraction." 

Chris Hemsworth and franchise director Sam Hargrave announced that an "Extraction" threequel is being discussed during Tudum, Netflix's global fan event. The live event, which took place in São Paulo, Brazil, took place just a day after the two action junkies debuted "Extraction 2" on the streaming service. While discussing the sequel's intricate action choreography and stuntwork, Hemsworth and Hargrave opened up about how the fan response to "Extraction 2" has been positive. With that in mind, the two announced that Tyler Rake will more than likely return for a third outing. Details on the threequel are slim. 

The highly-anticipated "Extraction 2" sees Tyler Rake (Hemsworth) return from death's door, this time strapping in for his most personal mission yet. While Looper critic Alistair Ryder was mixed on Hemsworth's sophomore outing as Rake, they had nothing but positive things to say about the sequel's high-octane action sequences.

What could Extraction 3 be about?

It's no surprise that "Extraction" is gunning for a third outing. The first flick, produced by the Russo brothers, emerged as one of Netflix's most popular projects during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the numbers aren't out for "Extraction 2" — the sequel only just came out, it's all but likely that they're just as strong as the first's. With "Extraction," Netflix has the perfect action franchise on its hand to compete with other studios. As for Hemsworth, this is an opportunity for him to truly diversify his offerings, proving to audiences across the world that he's more than just Marvel's Thor. 

While it remains to be seen when "Extraction 3" comes out, it's all but likely director Sam Hargrave will return for the threequel. While speaking with GamesRadar+ prior to "Extraction 2's" release, Hargrave suggested that the third film could be an entire one-shot action sequence from start to finish.