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Marvel's Knull Is Returning As Carnage Challenges To Become The King In Black

Contains spoilers for "Death of the Venomverse."

Carnage is coming after the King in Black's crown during the Summer of Symbiotes and won't stop slaughtering those who stand in his way until he takes the title for himself. In the upcoming "Death of Venomverse" miniseries, the powerful symbiote villain Knull will make his surprise return. In what's set to be one of the most epic face-offs between powerful symbiotes, Carnage vs. Knull will set the stage for who is the most deadly symbiote hero in the Marvel Universe.

Knull debuted in Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman's "Venom" run. In the series, the King in Black was revealed to be the ancient being responsible for creating symbiotes, reawakened after thousands of years of being trapped. Subsequently, Knull nearly overtook Earth in the "King in Black" event upon unleashing his symbiote army on the Earth's Mightiest Heroes, showing off his incredible powers by almost conquering the world. Thankfully, Eddie Brock gained the power of Captain Universe, the Enigma Force, transforming him into Knull's true opposite — the God of Light. Eddie would kill the King in Black, and the former Venom would become the new God of Symbiotes. 

However, while many expected the fight between darkness and light to be the last appearance of Knull, the villain will return to the pages of Marvel Comics in the "Death of Venomverse," with the symbiote powerhouse directing his attention towards Carnage, who wants to become the new King of Black.

Carnage's symbiote takeover includes fighting Knull

Marvel Comics revealed new details about Carnage's quest to become the last symbiote standing in the "Death of Venomverse." In his ongoing series, Carnage consumed the abilities of super-powered characters — including Hydro-Man, Spot, and dark elves on Svartalfheim — to make himself stronger. At the same time, Carnage tracked down Malekith to learn how to create a new All-Black Necrosword, a task that proved successful with a weapon being made called the All-Blood. Carnage also gained a major power upgrade by absorbing particles of Uru metal, the same material made used to create Thor's hammer, Mjolnir.

"Death of Venomverse" will follow the strongest version of Carnage as he weaves his way across the Multiverse to kill all and any versions of Venom. But his journeys will lead him to take on a surprise opponent, as Knull will return in the miniseries. In new cover art from Bjorn Barends, the God of Symbiotes is somehow alive. The image features Knull standing above the Carnage symbiote, wielding All-Black, while surrounded by fire. Knull sports a terrifying smile on his face while holding the horns of Carnage's head as the symbiote villain lies defeated by the god. 

The question remains, how will Knull return? He was definitively murdered in the "King in Black" event by Eddie Brock. Although, even more so than usual Marvel heroes and villains, symbiote characters have survived being killed on numerous occasions. It's also possible this version of Knull isn't from the same reality as the one previously seen. Regardless of where he comes from, the King in Black's unexpected comeback marks the final battle for Carnage to take the crown for himself, which becomes his greatest challenge yet.

What else can readers expect in the series?

The "Death of Venomverse" miniseries will feature several new and returning symbiotes to the Marvel Universe. Issue #2 teases "The Symbiote Six," a group of symbiotes who are Venom-ized versions of the Sinister Six. The same comic will introduce a character called Venom Boy while also having a classic story from Venom creator David Michelinie. Carnage will take on Silence, an upgraded version of the Scream symbiote. Issue #4 teases a female Agent Venom battling Carnage, which could be Anne Weying from Earth-1051, who first appeared in Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman's "Venom." All of those battles will lead to a final confrontation against Knull with the title of King in Black on the line. Cullen Bunn told Marvel.com that he's planning on doing something "big" for the "Death of the Venomverse."

"It's been far too long since I've written any stories about Venom and company," Bunn said. "About Eddie, about Flash, about Andi, about Carnage. This story — this completely bonkers epic — feels like the right time to throw my symbiotic hat back in the ring. Returning to a multiverse full of Venom symbiotes, maybe (but hopefully not) for the last time, I knew I had to do something big. Thus, the title — 'DEATH OF THE VENOMVERSE' — was born. Perhaps that title is a bit of a threat for our favorite symbiotes, but I promise you it is not empty! Get ready for plenty of surprises, some heartbreak, and more symbiotes than you can shake a stick at!"

The "Death of Venomverse" miniseries from Marvel Comics begins on August 2. Carnage and Knull's face-off occurs in "Death of Venomverse" #5, which arrives in comic book stores and online retailers on September 27.