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A Secret Invasion Easter Egg Teases A Big Falcon & Winter Soldier Connection

"Secret Invasion" promises a different tone and a whole new threat making its way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the Skrulls were introduced as refugees in "Captain Marvel," it seems some are intent on making Earth their new permanent home in the upcoming Disney+ series. And while "Captain Marvel" naturally introduced the shape-shifting aliens to general audiences, it's possible the series will connect to other Marvel properties, suggesting that some characters have been Skrulls this whole time. 

In anticipation of the show's debut, Marvel released the first five minutes of the first episode. The sequence showcases Agent Prescott (Richard Dormer) informing Agent Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) of his conspiracy theory that global acts of terrorism are being carried out by Skrulls. And it wouldn't be much of a conspiracy theory if there weren't newspaper clippings tacked onto a board behind Prescott. While it's easy to get wrapped up in their conversation, the board holds Easter eggs that could tie "Secret Invasion" to other Marvel properties, such as references to Munich, which is where the Flag Smashers were based in "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier."

Could the Flag Smashers have been Skrulls?

The Munich connection could simply be a coincidence, as Agent Prescott cites various places around the world where attacks have taken place. But it's impossible for the Flag Smashers not to come to mind when Munich is referenced, especially seeing how Prescott has been tracking terrorist attacks, which the group specialized in. Given how Prescott thinks Skrulls have actually carried out these attacks, it's enough to make one think that the Flag Smashers from "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" were Skrulls (or at least some of them were). 

Prescott's theory is all about how the Skrulls have infiltrated global organizations and conducted these attacks to destabilize the world. While the Flag Smashers stated they opposed nationalism and wanted life to go back to how it was during The Blip, it's possible that was merely a cover for the Skrulls' true intentions. Given the comic book series from which the Disney+ series gets its name, it's only natural to assume some characters who were previously introduced in the MCU will turn out to be Skrulls, and doing that to the Flag Smashers would be a good way to tie "Secret Invasion" into other properties without having to do too many retcons. 

Marvel fans have conspiracies and fan theories of their own to unravel before "Secret Invasion" debuts on Disney+ on June 21.