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Does Agent Prescod's Marvel Connection Tell Us Anything About Secret Invasion?

Marvel has released the first five minutes of the first episode of "Secret Invasion" – a brief clip that can be found in a specially encrypted domain accessible only if you have the password, the clip has introduced audiences to a new character. The upcoming science fiction thriller, which will drop on Disney+ later this month, features Agent Prescod (Richard Dormer), a visibly paranoid individual hidden away in Moscow on a mission of questionable legitimacy. 

In the available footage, Prescod (first name unknown) tries to convince Agent Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) that Skrulls are influencing key acts of global aggression with the intent of destabilizing — and ultimately replacing — humanity. It's a big claim presented with little evidence and, perhaps understandably, Ross remains skeptical. And he's made all the more skeptical when Prescod assaults him.

Now, there's no Prescod in the comics but there are two characters that the Marvel Cinematic Universe might be drawing from for his inspiration, and their stories might provide some context for how Prescod will affect the MCU's latest installment. Let's take a look at Emily Preston and Mr. Prescott, both of whom share a closer bond with Prescod than a simple phonetic connection.

Agent Emily Preston could be a source of inspiration for Agent Prescod

Emily Preston is an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who is best known for handling Earth-616's zombie crisis. When Captain America got flack for re-killing a zombified version of former President Harry Truman (no, seriously), she ensured that a hero without social marketability handled the rest of the zombies. If you're curious, she enlisted Deadpool. Nobody bats an eye when that guy murders undead politicians.

Preston goes by a few different aliases during her stint in the comics, one of which is Agent Prescott. Obviously, there's a connection here between the names. Prescod and Prescott are practically identical words. But Prescod is a middle-aged white man and Prescott/Preston is a black woman of presumably younger age. Look, S.H.I.E.L.D agents aren't exactly forthcoming with information. Also, it's worth noting that Prescod does not identify to which agency he belongs, so he might be CIA, like Ross, and not S.H.I.E.L.D., like Preston. 

The real potential connection between Prescod and Preston is something a little more obscure. The thing is, Preston is technically dead. For most of her story, she's functionally a robot, with her mind steering a Life Model Decoy. Fans of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." will recall that LMDs are frequently used to keep critically injured agents away from the brink of oblivion. Conceptually speaking, it's adjacent to the Skrull's shapeshifting. It's never stated that LMDs have to visually match the person who's piloting them.

And, yes, we're implying that Prescod might not be what he seems to be, either. Isn't that the entire point of "Secret Invasion?"

Mr. Prescott is the most likely source of inspiration for Agent Prescod

Mr. Prescott (first name unknown) is a city contractor from Earth-616 with a penchant for espionage. During his most prominent storyline, he was an acquaintance of Ned Leeds, who is a far more sinister character in the comics than he is in the MCU. Through that connection, Mr. Prescott became embroiled in a historical coverup. And, while tearing away the layers of secrecy, he learned the finer points of detective work, such as stalking and avoiding giant bombs. He only did one of those two things well.

Like Agent Emily Preston's alias, Mr. Prescott shares most of his name with Agent Prescod. But unlike Preston, Mr. Prescott and Prescod share a similar physical makeup. They even share their lack of a first name, although that might change when "Secret Invasion" finally drops. For all we currently know, Prescod will casually mention that his first name is Gary. And there goes that connection.

The important connection here is the tendency for espionage. All we know about Prescod is that he's obsessed with finding evidence that proves that the Skrull are invading Earth. And one of the only things we know about Mr. Prescott is that he fancies himself as a freelance investigator. It's not much to go on, but it's enough to connect the dots. If Prescod really is inspired by Mr. Prescott, then he is most likely going to prove himself as a good guy. Maybe a good guy with a few screws loose, but a good guy, nonetheless.