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Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts - Fans Are Missing These Major Beast Wars' Characters

Latest "Transformers" film "Rise of the Beasts" adapts characters to live-action for the first time from the '90s "Beast Wars" cartoon, which revolves around anthropomorphic robots who morph into animals rather than cars. Among the new Transformers in "Rise of the Beasts" are "Beast Wars" standouts like gorilla robot Optimus Primal (voiced by Ron Perlman) and his ally Cheetor (Tongayi Chirisa). That said, since seeing the film, fans have shared that they're missing some of the major "Beast Wars" characters that didn't ultimately make the jump to live-action.

For example, in a thread on the general movies subreddit dedicated to critical reactions to "Rise of the Beasts," user MrPlainview12 wrote, "Anyone else here grow up as a huge 'Beast Wars' fan? How can they omit Waspinator, Inferno, and Dinobot?!" Another user with the handle AcaciaCelestina replied that they're particularly disappointed with Dinobot's omission. The original poster then followed up by confirming that Tarantulas is another notable "Beast Wars" character absent from the "Rise of the Beasts" film.

In that same thread, user JianJiaHei likewise lamented Dinobot's absence, writing, "No Dinobots no watch for me dawg."

Beast Wars fans would have liked to see plenty more characters from the cartoon in Rise of the Beasts

In that same Reddit thread about "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts" reviews, user Mr_Sophistication462 wrote, "No Rattrap? No Waspinator? Boo-urns." This prompted a reply from user Spydirmonki drawing attention to the absence of two additional "Beast Wars" heroes in Silverbolt and Depth Charge. User samsaBEAR then attempted to explain the lack of these and other noteworthy characters, suggesting that the live-action "Transformers" films intentionally limit which Transformers they adapt in order to prevent audiences from losing track of large casts of characters.

On Twitter, users are particularly interested in Rattrap, though the fandom around him seems to be at least partially ironic. For instance, @timothyjeynes wrote, "I know we're also missing Dinobot, Silverbolt and Transmutate when it comes to the Maximal cast, but Rattrap is quintessential!"

Meanwhile, @TheDouggernaut quoted a Tweet about "Rise of the Beasts" premiering in theaters and added, "not seeing bc im protesting rattrap erasure." Then, @Tagard_McStone replied, "Rattrap is not in this nor is he voiced by John Leguizamo?!!! WTF are we even DOING HERE!"

In short, then, "Rise of the Beasts" kept plenty of characters it could have incorporated on the cutting room floor, leaving fans of Dinobot and Rattrap in particular wishing for a more expansive live-action "Beast Wars" adaptation.