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Every New Transformer In Rise Of The Beasts Explained

The "Transformers" franchise is rolling out on the big screen again this summer with the upcoming film "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts." Based on the "Beast Wars" storyline, it sees Optimus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen) and fellow Autobots align with the Maximals as an ancient conflict is reawakened, causing the deadly Unicron (voiced by Colman Domingo) to put Earth's fate in jeopardy. "Rise of the Beasts" is another prequel to the box office hits that came from Michael Bay, and it looks to bring a classic "Transformers" storyline to long-term fans and newcomers alike. 

Along with the usual suspects like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, "Rise of the Beasts" features a lot of new Transformers, most of them making their live-action debut. From all the Maximals that transform into giant mechanized animals to new enemies in the Terrorcons, there are many newbies that fans should get to know. Plus, "Rise of the Beasts" features one of the most star-studded voice casts of any "Transformers" film. Let's delve into all the new Transformers in "Rise of the Beasts" and some of the lore that could play a huge role in the film.

Optimus Primal

Optimus Prime won't be the only Optimus in "Rise of the Beasts": The film also features Optimus Primal (voiced by Ron Perlman), the mighty and intelligent leader of the Maximals, who are robots that have the ability to transform into animals rather than vehicles. Primal essentially acts as the "Transformers'" version of King Kong, since he transforms into a hulking gorilla. In previous incarnations, Primal is seen growing into his role as the Maximals' leader, often acting rashly. In this film, though, it seems like he's going to be depicted as a seasoned leader who guides Prime and the Autobots on Unicron's power and arrival. 

Frankly, compared to Prime in the trailer — who seems totally battle-ready — Primal comes across as much more calm and level-headed as he works alongside the Autobots. Plus, Perlman's voicework presents the tone of a strong leader. With this film being a prequel, maybe Prime's time with Primal helps him become the fearless and determined leader fans know and love. Who knows, maybe there will even be a moment that sees Prime and Primal's spark combine to form the incredibly powerful Optimal Optimus to help the group defeat Unicron. Primal will definitely be a pivotal force in "Rise of the Beasts," boasting the potential to be a memorable aspect of the action.


While fans are used to seeing Bumblebee team up with human protagonists, "Rise of the Beasts" has its central protagonist work alongside Mirage (voiced by Pete Davidson). Mirage is an Autobot spy who can transform into a sleek silver/blue Porsche and project holograms, an ability that is shown in the trailers when he's evading the police. He will be mainly tied to ex-military electronics expert Noah as a fun and slightly rebellious force within the Autobot ranks. While the character being voiced by Davidson would make it most likely for us to see Mirage as simple comedic relief, there are a lot of ways that Mirage could be something more than just a jokester.

Mirage's transformation abilities seem to be much more extensive than his fellow Autobots, which could make for an incredible visual showcase. The sequence of Mirage moving Noah throughout the car is visually jaw-dropping, and the idea of him being able to project holograms could be utilized for unique action sequences. With Mirage being tied to the main character of the film, he could also be a part of some big character moments that show the robot's genuine heart. And yes, there will definitely be plenty of one-liners from Davidson that will make Mirage one of the funniest Transformers brought to the big screen. 


Although Arcee (voiced by Liza Koshy) has had brief cameos in other films like "Bumblebee" and "Revenge of the Fallen," she makes a much bigger appearance in "Rise of the Beasts." Arcee is a female Autobot with sharpshooting skills who can transform into a fast-moving Ducati motorcycle. While most Transformers are big and bulky, Arcee is much more lean and mobile, making her a versatile threat in battle. Arcee's fighting skills are shown off in the trailer where she's seen skating across the road like she's on rollerblades and dodging missiles with ease. 

Given that Arcee is such a prominent character from the 1984 animated series and is the most iconic female Autobot, it's surprising that she hasn't been utilized more in the live-action films. However, the wait for Arcee's big debut seems like it was worth it, since "Rise of the Beasts" clearly aims to get her right. The film's visual depiction of the character is taking heavy inspiration from her original look and with someone like Koshy voicing Arcee, she's definitely going to have a memorable and funny personality that'll make her a fan-favorite. She's already been seen giving a charming wave to Elena (Dominique Fishback) in the trailers and boasts all the potential to be an action standout.


One of Optimus Primal's top soldiers and closest confidants is Airazor (voiced by Michelle Yeoh), a Maximal scout who can transform into a giant falcon. Normally, Airazor is known for working with another Maximal scout named Tigatron, who can transform into a tiger. The two have even been able to merge to become the mighty Tigerhawk. However, Tigatron seems to be absent in "Rise of the Beasts," so Airazor will likely take on a new kind of role that fans aren't used to seeing her in. 

Based on what we see from the trailers, Airazor seems to not only be a unique part of action sequences as a terror in the sky for enemies, but she also seems to be close with Primal and helps him make pivotal decisions. Fans could be looking at a much more seasoned and mature Airazor who has taken on a prominent leadership role in the Maximals, and with the voice of a recent Oscar-winner like Yeoh behind Airazor, she could be a very memorable supporting character that acts as a force of reason within the Maximals. 


While Unicron played a silent role in "The Last Knight," the destructive planet-sized being seems to be the main villain of "Rise of the Beasts" — and hopefully we'll actually be able to see him in his true form. Unicron is the master of the Terrorcons who seeks to destroy and devour Earth to grow his immense power. He can transform into a mechanized death machine that's the size of a planet as well as a standard Transformers bot fitted with sharp, evil-looking horns. Colman Domingo officially voicing Unicron means that fans will finally get to see the franchise antagonist in a larger role, maybe even within the context of a battle. 

Throughout the trailers, Unicron has just been shown in his planet form, and it's a bit concerning. There are certainly some suspicions as to whether or not we'll actually see Unicron in his epic robot mode, or if "Rise of the Beasts" will make the same unsatisfying choice with its larger-than-life antagonist that "Rise of the Silver Surfer" and "Green Lantern" did with Galactus and Parallax, respectively. Either way, "Rise of the Beasts" seems to be unleashing the "Transformers" franchise's biggest baddie for a destructive world tour, and Unicron's presence simply means that the finale fight has a ton of epic potential. 


Scourge (voiced by Peter Dinklage) is essentially the vicious right-hand robot of Unicron, and will likely cause the Autobots and Maximals some trouble in keeping Earth safe. Scourge is a deadly bounty hunter who is known for being a devastating force in battle with his destructive combat abilities, but he can be foiled by his own arrogance. He can transform into a mighty semi-truck like Optimus Prime, and even though he's often subordinate to more powerful Transformers, like Galvatron and Unicron, he's also been known to lead his own clan of robot hunters known as the Sweeps. While it seems like the Scourge won't have the Sweeps at his disposal, he's still going to be a tough enemy for the Autobots and Maximals to face. 

With Unicron's power and influence guiding him, Scourge has a massive advantage over his opponents, and his vicious nature could lead to some unexpected and tragic deaths. With someone like Dinklage voicing the character, Scourge could be one of the most frightening and compelling antagonists of the "Transformers" films. Unicron is definitely the big threat of "Rise of the Beasts," but that doesn't mean Scourge should be overlooked — especially if the Sweep suddenly come to aid him in battle. 


Scourge has a second-in-command of his own in the form of Nightbird, a Terrorcon ninja who utilizes a bunch of different weapons and a distinctive color palette to be an absolute terror to fight. Although Nightbird's name might make some think that she can transform into a flying vehicle, she simply turns into a sporty Nissan Skyline GT-R. Nightbird's name likely comes from her ninja-like fighting skills and the way she can slice up foes in a matter of seconds. Not only does her dark purple color palette help her blend into the dark sky for night missions, but her wide array of weapons — including sharp swords and razor claws that add a deadly poke to their punches — makes her a formidable foe. 

Nightbird's impact also goes much further than the character simply appearing, though. She is voiced by Michaela Jae Rodriguez, the first transgender actor to be a part of the "Transformers" franchise. We haven't seen much of Nightbird in the trailers yet, but her incredible fighting range and story potential working under Scourge could make her a fan-favorite entity in the film's main villain faction. 


Another pivotal Maximal within Optimus Primal's ranks is Rhinox (voiced by David Sobolov), a Transformer that can turn into a mechanized rhino with big brains to match his intense brawn. In previous incarnations, Rhinox generally acts as the Maximals' main tech expert and is often seen helping Primal plot out new moves as his second-in-command. Although Rhinox's appearance might make most think that he's brutal and vicious in nature, he can actually be a calming force for the Maximals and acts as a great balancer within the team. Yet his ear-piercing roar, sharp horn, and damaging speed still make him a formidable fighter. 

Based on what we've seen in the trailers, it seems like Rhinox is taking more of a supporting role within the Maximals, as Airazor seems more like a firm "number two" for Primal. It would make sense, since Yeoh is a more high-profile name than Sobolov — although he is a seasoned voice actor within the "Transformers" franchise. Still, Rhinox will be a pivotal force for the film's heroes as his tech skills will likely aid everyone at some point, and anybody that gets in his path will definitely feel the power of his mighty horn. 


The Maximals have a scout of their own in the incredibly fast-footed and fierce Cheetor (voiced by Tongayi Chirisa), who can transform into a mechanized cheetah. Cheetor is initially seen as the team's ambitious and determined rookie before he rises through the ranks and excels in battle with stunning agility and speed. Cheetor can easily sneak up on enemies and launch surprise attacks because of how fast he is — that's what makes him one of the deadliest Maximals in the "Transformers" franchise. 

Outside of seeing Cheeter race Bumblebee in his vehicle form, there hasn't been much of Cheetor shown, so it's tough to say what kind of role he'll have in the film. Will he be a little more mature and integrated within the group by this point, or will he still be that energetic rookie? What we do know is that he's going to be a part of some lightening quick action sequences that'll be thrilling to watch as he helps the Maximals and Autobots defeat Scourge's forces. 


Now, while we haven't seen Freezer in the trailers and he doesn't have a voice actor listed, his appearance in the film's toy line suggests that he will appear in "Rise of the Beasts." So it's worth delving into what this small Terrorcon insect-like species is and what he can do — especially since it's vastly different from other Transformers mentioned thus far. Rather than transform into a small vehicle or animal, the Freezer species transforms into weapons that can attach to Scourge and fellow Terrorcon soldiers in battle. Thus, Freezer is the ultimate enhancement for fighting, and can often help the Terrorcon turn the tide while waging war. 

Plus, with them being such a small species and having multiple arms to move fast throughout the battlefield, Freezers can be incredibly tough to take out. It's difficult to say if Scourge will simply have one Freezer or a whole army at his disposal, but these quick weapon upgrades will definitely make the Terrorcons some of the strongest enemies that Optimus Prime and the Autobots have faced yet. 


Although it would be nice to believe that the Autobots can traverse the world without some help, they're assisted in this globe-trotting adventure by another Autobot named Stratosphere (voiced by John DiMaggio). Stratosphere is a gigantic Autobot that can transform into a cargo plane, which is extremely helpful in chauffeuring the Autobots from place to place. Because of his aerial abilities, Stratosphere generally prefers to be up in the sky and away from the action, but that doesn't mean he's opposed to helping his fellow Autobots when they're in danger. 

Not much has been seen of Stratosphere in the trailers aside from a quick shot of him flying, but that's not too surprising. Stratosphere will likely just play a supporting role in the film delivering some assistance when needed and some good one-liners here and there. Regardless though, Stratosphere will be a key part of the Autobots' adventure this time around and maybe even have some fun high-flying sequences. 


Another Terrorcon who will fight for Unicron alongside Scourge and Nightbird is Battletrap (also voiced by Sobolov). Like Nightbird, Battletrap features an anime-inspired look and comes with some unique weaponry and skills. He can transform into a tow truck and mainly uses a ball and chain weapon to ensnare enemies or beat them down. Battletrap can be a multi-faceted threat for anyone who stands in his way and a key player for the Terrorcons in their bid to take over Earth. 

It's unclear what kind of role Battletrap will have in "Rise of the Beasts" at the moment, since he hasn't been featured much in any of the trailers, but there's no doubt that he'll be by Scourge and Nightbird's side once they come to Earth. He seems like exactly the kind of warrior that Scourge would want in his arsenal, and will likely end up causing a lot of destruction on Earth. Battletrap might only have a small role compared to other Transformers mentioned here, but he could be a strong force within the Terrorcon ranks that makes them the most fearsome faction in the franchise.