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Apple TV+'s Palm Royale Cast, Director, Writers, Plot And More Details

It's no secret that Apple TV+ has been a dominating force in the streaming world. In the few years since the streamer has been publicly available, they have turned out some exceptional material while breaking once-thought-unbreakable barriers for a streaming service. Their slate of original shows such as "The Morning Show," "Servant," and "The High Desert" have received great critical and audience acclaim. Such acclaim has turned into accolades with shows such as "Ted Lasso," which became the most nominated first season of any show at the Emmys. 

So you can bet that anything upcoming from Apple TV+ is worth checking out. And among such anticipated titles as "Masters of the Air" is the upcoming period comedy miniseries "Palm Royale." Based on the Juliet McDaniel novel "Mr. & Mrs. American Pie," "Palm Royale" is expected to be one of the most exciting new projects coming from Apple TV+. And it's not too hard to understand why, as the show's intriguing premise, talented cast, and stellar creative team practically guarantee that this is a show you won't want to miss. But until the time comes to see "Palm Royale", let's round up everything you need to know about this promising program. 

When will Palm Royale be released?

No official release date has been given to the upcoming Apple TV+ series "Palm Royale" as of yet. The show was first announced in February 2022. At this point, the show, which was at the time entitled "Mrs. American Pie," was announced to have Kristen Wiig as its main star. Laura Dern was also attached to the project during this time, but only as an executive producer through her Jaywalker Pictures banner. However, the Oscar winner is now part of the cast.

Filming for "Palm Royale" kicked off in May 2022. Actress Allison Janney took to Instagram to herald the start of shooting, with the caption reading, "Feels like the first day of school all over again. Cheers to new beginnings! Coming soon to Apple TV... " The show's title changed from "Mrs. American Pie" to "Palm Royale" in April 2023, which was revealed during a Hollywood Reporter interview with Carol Burnett. However, we've got very few updates on the series since then, with the official Apple TV+ page saying it will arrive "at a later date."

What is the plot of Palm Royale?

The premise of "Palm Royale" brings a lot to the table. Based on different summaries from Apple TV+, it seems like the show will kick off in 1969 and then take place in the early 1970s. We know for a fact that the series will follow the exploits of Maxine Simmons (Kristen Wiig) as she attempts to make her way into the elusive yet highly regarded lifestyle of Palm Beach society. Along the way, she must learn the intricacies that come with mingling within this community and prove how far she is willing to go in order to achieve this dream.

It appears that there's more to "Palm Royale" than meets the eye at first glance. What could simply be a comical clashing of two different worlds with some minor commentary here and there appears to be taking a deeper dive into its subject matter than one might assume. Maxine's journey to break free from her humdrum world and into a seemingly better way of life is rich with potential to craft compelling characters and themes. Additionally, it will be interesting to see if the show utilizes its period setting to reflect the ideals of our own modern-day society and its many issues. 

Who is starring in Palm Royale?

"Palm Royale" brings with it a fantastic team of on-screen talent who are sure to elevate the show's promising premise. Leading the pack is the aforementioned Kristen Wiig as Maxine Simmons. Having been attached to the project since its initial announcement in February 2022, the "Bridesmaids" and "Wonder Woman 1984" star has since gone on to also become an executive producer on the series. In a similar position is actress Laura Dern. The Oscar winner both stars in "Palm Royale' as the character of Linda while also acting as an executive producer, a role she has held on to since the show's announcement.

Wiig and Dern appear to be doing the most heavy lifting on the upcoming series, but the remaining members of the cast are certainly no lightweights. In May 2022, Leslie Bibb and Allison Janney were added to the cast as Dinah and Evelyn respectively, two notable members of the Palm Royale high society. Portraying Maxine's husband Douglas is "Yellowstone" star Josh Lucas, while Emmy nominee Ricky Martin is slated to play an unspecified role. June 2022 saw the cast be rounded out by Amber Chardae Robinson, Claudia Ferri, Jason Canela, Kaia Gerber, Julia Duffy, Jordan Bridges, and Julia Duffy. That same month, entertainment veteran Carol Burnett was added to the cast as Norma, the secretive leader of the society. 

Who is directing Palm Royale?

Taking on the task of helming "Palm Royale" is director Tate Taylor. Taylor, who also acts as an executive producer on the series, was attached to the project in February 2022 when the series was announced. 

Taylor's career began primarily as an actor, starring in such films and shows as "Six Feet Under," "Winter's Bone," and Tim Burton's "Planet of the Apes." Following his 2003 short film "Chicken Party" starring "Palm Royale" actor Allison Janney, Tate made his feature debut as a director with the 2008 black comedy "Pretty Ugly People," also starring Janney. His following effort, "The Help," is perhaps his most well-known work. While the film became both a box office success and best picture nominee, it has more recently come under scrutiny for its white savior tropes and narrative. Since then, Tate's filmography has consisted of biopics such as 2014's "Get on Up" to thrillers such as 2016's "The Girl on the Train" and "Ma." His latest release was the 2021 comedy "Breaking News in Yuba County." 

Tate is no stranger to the small screen. He directed the pilot episode of "Grace and Frankie" and later helped develop and direct the short-lived Fox series "Filthy Rich." With the exception of 2020's "Ava," Allison Janney has been in every one of Tate's cinematic directorial efforts, with "Palm Royale" being their first television collaboration.

Who is writing and producing Palm Royale?

"Palm Royale" will be brought to life by a talented team of writers. The writing staff consists of Abe Sylvia, Sheri Holman, Sharr White, Becky Mode, Emma Rathbone, Celeste Hughey, Logan Faust, and Kelly Hutchinson. Sharr White is credited as the writer of Episodes 3 and 8. Similarly, Sheri Holman and Logan Faust co-wrote Episode 7, while Holman and Kelly Hutchinson wrote the 10th and final episode of the season together. Holman previously worked with director Tate Taylor as a writer and producer on "Filthy Rich" and also acts as an executive producer on "Palm Royale."  

Taking on the primary task of producing is Abe Sylvia. Sylvia acts as a writer, executive producer, and showrunner on "Palm Royale" through his production company Wyolah Entertainment alongside John Norris. Sylvia's previous credits as producer and showrunner include series such as "George & Tammy," "Dead to Me," and "Filthy Rich." He also helmed the screenplay of the two-time Oscar winner "The Eyes of Tammy Faye." Other names included on the producing team include Jayme Lemons, Laura Dern, Jesse Sternbaum, and Adam Gomolin.

Is Palm Royale based on a book?

"Palm Royale" was based on the 2018 novel "Mr. and Mrs. American Pie." The book, currently the first and only written by author Juliet McDaniel, chronicles Maxine Simmons' efforts to be named Mrs. American Pie, which will require her to prove herself as a worthy mother and wife. "Mr. and Mrs. American Pie" garnered great praise and attention over the years. The book appeared on lists from Goodreads, Refinery29, and SheReads, while also receiving acclaim from such sources as Martin's Must Reads and Booklist. Laura Dern, who stars in the novel's Apple TV+ adaptation, also had good things to say about the book, commenting on McDaniel's website, "A gorgeously messy and misguided heroine. I love this story." McDaniel is also listed as an executive producer and writer on the show. 

It's clear that both "Mr. and Mrs. American Pie" and "Palm Royale" aim to craft a satirical look at power and gender dynamics. But it appears that the streaming series will be diverging from the book's intended focus, with entering the Palm Royale society acting as Simmons' main goal for the show. Regardless of its changes, it'll be interesting to see how the series brings fresh life to the book's charm and rich social commentary.