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Extraction 2's Big Cameo Was 'Spoiled' By Chris Hemsworth

Contains spoilers for "Extraction 2"

Tyler Rake is bringing a friend along for his latest adventure.

With "Extraction 2" set to release later this month, Netflix and Chris Hemsworth are throwing everything at the wall to promote the upcoming action bonanza. Their latest stunt? Revealing one of the sequel's cameos nearly two weeks before the film's release. Taking to social media, Hemsworth debuted a clip of his black ops hero Rake on a deadly chase. The minute-long clip showcases director Sam Hargrave's penchant for bombastic action and tracking shots, all but confirming that "Extraction 2" is going to be just as intense and action-packed as the first, which is a good thing. 

What isn't good is that the clip ends with the confirmation of a cameo, revealing that Idris Elba of "Luther" and not "James Bond" fame is in the sequel. How's that for a bummer? While details are slim on who the British actor plays, it's disappointing that Hemsworth and company are spoiling such a crowd-pleasing cameo ahead of the highly-anticipated film's release.

Spoiling Idris Elba's cameo is the latest in an annoying Hollywood trend

"Rake," says Idris Elba's mysterious character in the clip. "You are a legend. I have to say, mate, you're living up to the hype." Elba's debut in the "Extraction" universe ends with him pointing out how funny Rake's name is. It's an interesting tease but one that honestly wasn't needed. What's likely is that Elba's character will help Rake and the team out and then leave, with the character essentially set up for a spin-off or sequel. Per Collider, the producing Russo Brothers are already planning an "Extraction" cinematic universe. It's possible (but not confirmed) that Elba's character could be the first one to spearhead the franchise's supplementary offerings.

While that's fine and all, it's annoying that such an insane cameo was spoiled prior to the film's release. After all, the film is just days away from debuting on Netflix. Then again, the streaming giant is capitalizing on an all too familiar trend. Just days before "Fast X" raced into cinemas, it was revealed that Dwayne Johnson's Hobbs would be returning to the franchise. Oh, and how could we forget "The Flash" director Andy Muschietti revealing that his DC flick features a cameo from Nicolas Cage as Superman?

"Extraction 2" hits Netflix on June 16.